9 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2021.

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Knowing how to drive traffic to a blog in 2021 is one of the most important needs for a blogger or anyone that runs a blog. 

When I made my first blog, I was told that all I needed to do was to write out quality content consistently and people will visit it and this is what I did. I started my blog and published one content per week consistently, every week for a number of months, and guess what? they did not come!.

Now, when I said “they did not come”, I basically mean that I got little clicks here and there but in total, I did not get what I was looking for.

But now, what I do is, I write a precise number of posts and promote the heck out of it! they won’t read it if you don’t put it in front of them. So let’s go over how to drive that desired traffic to your blog.

Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2021

#1 Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2021 – Use guest post bonuses

Before I get deep into this, I want to clarify that I am referring to guest post bonuses and not just guest posts. What’s the difference?. 

Popular and well-known blogs often offer opportunities for other bloggers to publish their posts on their blogs, this is usually done with the hope of driving traffic to the guest blogger’s blog. A guest post is when a blogger publishes a post on another blog but a guest post bonus is when a blogger publishes a post on another blog with an added “bonus” for everyone that decides to actually visit your blog.

It could be a free download or free tool or anything you can afford to give.

It was estimated that only about 50 people visited the blog of guest bloggers without a bonus attached to it while you can get up to 25% or more increased traffic to your blog if you use the guest blog bonus.

#2 Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2021 – Update and Improve Outdated old blogs

Depending on how long you have been blogging, you might have some blogs that have old and outdated information or just blogs that were done when you weren’t knowledgeable in that topic or great at writing appealing blog posts, hence the need for updating them.

When you go back and update those blogs to optimize them for the Google search engine in real-time, this will make those blogs rank higher and provide fresh and more relevant information for your target audience.

Sometimes, it could become daunting to locate your old outdated blogs if you have a lot of blog articles to sort through but there is free software that can help you solve this problem. An example is Animalz revive, this free tool scans your blog to locate articles that are outdated and also shows you what you need to improve on, it also gives you an estimate of how many visitors you are losing just as a result of not updating your blog.

#3 Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2021 – Leaving helpful comments on other blog posts

No matter how awesome your post is, you still need to make yourself more visible to people looking for the information you have written. One way to do this is to become a consistent commenter on other similar blog posts.

Now, let me ask you, have you ever visited a beautifully written blog and gone to read comments and seen people basically spamming the comment section with their links without any meaningful content? will you ever click those links? you most likely won’t. So although they have shared their links, they will get little to no traffic because of the way it was done.

That brings us to my advice, please don’t spam, the idea here is to build yourself to be seen as an authority in that niche by consistently making meaningful contributions in the comment sections while dropping your link once in a while.

#4 Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2021 – Share your contents on LinkedIn

The idea here is to get your content in front of people, and LinkedIn houses a lot of people. Statistics show that LinkedIn has about 760 million people with 260 million people visiting LinkedIn monthly with about 40% of them accessing LinkedIn daily.

This statistic shows massive traffic, but this platform is not yet saturated, the traffic here is highly untapped which is good news because of the low competition there.

#5 Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2021 – Advertise other social media handles on all platforms

Imagine if you send an email blast out, welcoming people to your newsletter, or imagine gaining a lot of subscribers on your youtube channel but have little to no followers on your Twitter or Instagram. How can you remedy this?

This is solved by cross-pollinating your network, and advertising other social media handles on each of your platforms. If you have an email list, at the end of each email sent, add a call-to-action button for them to follow you on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

This is a very powerful strategy to build your social media presence and any blog post you share on your social media platforms will get seen by an increasing number of people, this inevitably drives higher traffic to your blog.

#6 Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2021 – Advertise each blog posts through your newsletter

The idea is to be aggressive in your advertisement keeping in mind that your competitors are doing everything in their power to outrank you. So using any and every avenue you have to get people to your content is very important.

I said all this because you might have heard that “email marketing is dead”, statistics show that emails have an opening rate of 15% to 25% globally, but as I said, every opportunity is an opportunity that you should grab, so blast out your newsletters to your email lists weekly.

#7 Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2021 – Send personalized outreach

Have you ever signed up for a couple of different newsletters and gotten emails that sounded so similar, you wonder if they all work together. This is one of the problems here, people tend to copy and paste the same emails and send them to their email list so nothing stands out about them!.

The good side here is, this is very good for you because it means that you can easily stand out if you can write an outreach that is peculiar to the reader.

This can only be done by studying the person, or studying their blog and being specific about something you found out about them.

For example, if you go through their blog and they have links with failed redirects, you can contact them by email and specify this problem, offering one or two pieces of advice on how to solve it, and then asking to schedule a call with them.

Spoiler alert! this might work immediately and this might not work at all but it will definitely create a lasting impression on their minds concerning you. If you don’t get conversions immediately, they will most likely convert in the future as they keep hearing and reading from you.

#8 Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2021 – Make sure you reply every comments on your blogs

This action is very important because of two reasons: 

-Replying to your comments helps to build the relationship between you and your audience 

-It creates a lot of “activity” on your site making Google more and more aware of your blog which will make Google comprehend your blog better to know your type of audience so that they can rank and show your blog when someone searches for your keywords.

#9 Way To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2021 – Publish reader case studies

Have you ever written a quality blog about a topic showing people how to achieve something and get comments like

“Does this really work?”

“Has this worked for anyone?”

“I know this works but I don’t think it can work for me, my case is different or my level in knowledge is too low to achieve this same results”

The solution to this is looking for real-life examples, look for people that have read your blog on a particular topic, and have successfully implemented the strategies written in your blog. Get the person to narrate everything he did to achieve this success together with the hurdles he faced. Let the person tell you the story while you do the writing, this will still make you the author.

This method is very powerful in bringing your theories to life which will make people that read your post believe that if your case study can do it, they can do it too!. 

For example, if you wrote a blog post on “how to start making money on youtube” and you can find and contact someone that has read your blog and succeeded in implementing your strategies and is willing to share their story with you and your readers. The person can start with the level he or she was financially before starting youtube and where he is now today with a detailed explanation of how he implemented the strategies found in your blog to achieve this goal.

This inevitably builds your brand and influence in that niche, builds your relationship with your readers, and drives consistent traffic to your blog posts daily and monthly because of the great value you provide.

Now that you know how to drive traffic to your blog in 2021, you can also check out Top 3 Tools For Content Creation On Social Media to help you create quality content for your blog.


The ability to drive traffic to your blog is one of the factors that determine the success of your blog. So let’s do a quick recap of how to drive traffic to your blog post.

1)Use guest post bonuses:

2)Update and Improve Outdated old blogs

3)Leaving helpful comments on other blog posts.

4)Share your content on LinkedIn

5)Advertise other social media handles on all platforms.

6)Advertise each blog post through your newsletter

7)Send personalized outreach

8)Make sure you reply to every comment on your blogs

9)Publish a reader’s case studies

Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply swiftly, also share any additional tips you have for driving traffic to your blog.

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