7 Tools That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers 2021.

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Tools that grow your Instagram followers are very important because Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. The statistic shows that in the year 2020, Instagram ranked 6th most used social media platform in the world with over 1 billion people using it worldwide.

One billion people use Instagram per month worldwide, which means that your target audience can be found on Instagram hence the need to grow your Instagram page in order to increase your reach, influence, traffic, and subsequently increase sales.

It’s been proven that the Instagram algorithm favors pages that are consistent with making highly engaging posts that your audience loves, so this means that if you can consistently make high-quality posts that will make people like, comment, share your posts as well as spend a lot of time on your posts, Instagram will make it go viral.

So the tools we will be discussing here will help achieve these goals easily. From scheduling posts to ensure consistency, to providing analytics so that you can know which of your posts is performing well. You can then recreate and post more of them, so that Instagram can promote more of your posts, thereby increasing the number of followers.  

These tools cover a wide range of important functions that can grow your Instagram followers, let’s get to it.

#1 Tool That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers 2021 – Combin

Combin is a free Instagram marketing and content management tool that helps you grow your Instagram page

Combin functions by; 

A)Attracting new Instagram followers

B)Plan and schedule Instagram content

C)Manage multiple accounts simultaneously

D)Communicate with your audience 

E)Track activities and growth.

Combin is A Tool That Can Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2021.

There are 2 plans available

A)Growth Plan

The growth plan is free for the first 7 days, in this plan, they take care of your Instagram audience attention and management by

-detecting who doesn’t follow you back

-checking the quality of your Instagram audience 

-finding your Instagram target audience

-finding Instagram influencers that are best for account

-monitoring your audience activities and growth


This plan is free as well, this plan helps you 

-schedule and publish Instagram posts in order to save time

-style your Instagram grid

-create a lot of Instagram stories in seconds.

#2 Tool That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers 2021 -Later

This is also an Instagram scheduling tool, it helps you save time by scheduling 1 or more months’ posts ahead of time. It also gives you insight into how each of the posts is performing so that you can make an informed decision on what type of content your audience loves so that you can make more of those types of content in order to increase your reach and followers.

Later Is One Tool That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers 2021.

One component of later that I really love is the linkin.bio which helps to drive traffic and track sales. One of the problems that Instagram has is the fact that it allows only one link in your bio which might be inconvenient because each product you post on your Instagram has its individual link.

What online store vendors often do is put the link to the general online store, but with the invention of linkin.bio, your Instagram gets turned into a mini-website by converting all your posts into clickable format linked to a checkout page, making it easier for customers to place an order online.

#3 Tool That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers 2021 – Foursixty

Foursixty is a tool that directly serves online vendors, their main aim is to reduce the hassle between when a customer lands on your Instagram page to when they land on your checkout page.

Foursixty turns your Instagram contents into a shoppable gallery on your online store or any other channel, it doesn’t disrupt the design of your online store. Foursixty has beautiful designs and this is one of the feature I love about this tool.

Foursixty Is A Tool That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2021.

These platform serves people by using the following;

-Onsite shoppable Instagram and user generated content galleries

-User generated contents

-Track creators

-Instagram business and stories insight

-Email campaign galleries

-Instagram scheduler

#4 Tool That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers 2021 – Instagram Repost App

I can not overemphasize the importance of using a repost app on Instagram. Instagram Repost App helps you repost other people’s images and videos on your own Instagram page with proper attributions to the original creators.

Repost Is A Tool That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2021.

I personally love this app because it’s a time saver, you don’t have to go through the long process of first downloading the Instagram content and then re-uploading it.

I also like it because it does the appropriate attribution of the content to the original owners because the aim of this app is not to steal people’s content. I also advise that you contact the original owner of the content to ask for permission and obey their wish if they refuse to allow you to repost it.

#5 Tool That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers 2021 – Socialinsight.io

Socialinsight.io is a very strong Instagram marketing tool, it helps to grow your reach, influence, and number of followers on Instagram. It does this by

-Planning and scheduling your Instagram post

-Finding and organizing new and present followers

-monitoring and tracking the performance of your posts and your followers in terms of their engagements, shares, comments, likes, etc

Socialinsight.io Is A Tools That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2021 giving your analytics and insights about the performance of your posts and how your followers interacts with them

One thing I personally love is the ability to have team collaborations, and the ability to invite others to work on your Instagram page without needing to share your Instagram login details is amazing.

#6 Tool That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers 2021 – Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a very popular and powerful tool that helps to solve your social media management problems by discovering content suitable to your brands, them scheduling, and publishing them on all your social media platforms.

Crowdfire Is A Tool That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2021 by scheduling and publishing contents on Instagram

One thing I personally love about this tool is the fact that you can add your own RSS feed and also share articles you love using their Google chrome extension making it easy. You can also post on all your social media platforms from your blogs and other sites directly.

#7 Tool That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers 2021 – Woobox

Woobox is an Instagram tool that increases your number of followers by increase the number of engagement on your Instagram posts. 

Woobox Is A Tool That Will Grow Your Instagram Followers In 2021 By Boosting Engagement

Engagement refers to how your audience interacts with your posts which includes liking, commenting, sharing, saving your posts, amongst others, now, with high engagement comes higher reach and then inevitably leads to an increased number of followers.

Now that we understand the importance of engagement in increasing your number of followers, Woobox boosts engagement by running polls, giveaways, contests, coupons, and more.

Woobox works by;

A)Running social media (Instagram and Facebook) campaigns

B)Creating and managing landing pages where you can collect your audience data like email address etc in exchange for giveaways, coupons etc

C)Website popups on your blogs, websites, online stores, where you can offer a free giveaway or discount in exchange for their email address 

D)Embeds help to engage the audience on your websites with properly designed polls and forms.

Creating content consistently on Instagram can be very tasking, so check out Top 3 Tools For Content Creation On Social Media to help make it easier.


Growing your social media pages in the year 2021 should always be at the forefront of your to-do-list as a brand or business, hence the emergence of these amazing tools. So, let us recap what these tools are




4)Repost app




Comment below if you have any questions on anything we have discussed and also feel free to contribute your thoughts on growing your social media pages.

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