Top 3 Tools For Content Creation On Social Media

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Content is king“, I am sure we have all heard that phrase before and it’s so true, hence the need for good and effective content creation on social media.

Creating relevant content on different social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc in a consistent manner is key in building your reach, trust, and influence on those platforms which could inevitably lead to more followers, more traffic, and sales if you are in business.

Content creation is so important but it could be daunting and time-consuming, so I am always searching for tools to help me create these contents, quickly and consistently to help me build my social media pages.

Below are my top 3 free social media tools for content creation

#1 Tool For Content Creation On Social Media – Answer The Public

There is nothing more upsetting than researching and writing on a topic you felt was amazing only to find out that nobody is searching for that article. 

If little or no one is searching for your keywords, it won’t rank on Google, people won’t even click on it even if it was placed right in front of them, hence the importance of this free tool.

Answer the public helps you discover what people are asking about in any country and it’s available in 15 languages.

Answer the public is an effective tool for content creation on social media

All you have to do is enter a keyword or phrase and it will bring out questions (how, where, why) that people are asking in relation to it.

It’s estimated that there are about 3 billion searches on Google daily and about 20% of them never gets seen. This is an awesome tool for creating relevant content.

Let’s look at the example found on Answer the public’s website

Find out what people are searching for online in Answer The Public website

If you search for this phrase “Shorts for”, what you will get are questions people ask on Google in relation to “how, why, are and which”

Questions relating to "Shorts for..."that people are searching for on Google in Answer The Public

Now, can you imagine what this will do to your brand on social media? When people come to your page, they see posts, images, and videos that directly answer their questions.

This tool helps you create relevant contents, monitor trends, discover hidden niches, say goodbye to writers’ block, and save time.

#2 Tool For Content Creation On Social Media – Otter

Have you ever gotten a great idea while jogging, using the toilet, or just chatting with friends and can’t easily reach for a pen/paper or type it on your phone/laptop? Otter helps to solve that problem for you.

Otter is a free AI-powered tool that transcribes your voice to the written word, with audio, images, speaker ID, and key phrases, so that, if you are on the go and you get an awesome idea that you need to write and post on social media immediately, you can easily open up the app, voice out your thoughts, edit, organize and share them to your various social media handles.

Otter is an Effective Tool For Content Creation On Social Media

Otter saves you time and money, you can also have the opportunity to create groups and invite other team members.

You can train Otter to recognize voices and tag them to its individual speaker ID, you can also train it to recognize terminologies, so it gets smarter day by day.

#3 Tool For Content Creation On Social Media – Dropmark

After figuring out what keywords to write about with the help of Answer The Public and writing about them on your phone and laptop with the help of Otter, the next important step is to have all your contents arranged and that’s where dropmark comes in

Dropmark is described as a visual organization for people with things to do, it helps to organize contents for both individuals and teams.

Dropmark is An Effective Tool For Content Creation On Social Media

As a writer, especially when I am writing on a new topic that requires a lot of research, I often get cluttered with so much information (various links, images, videos, etc), this free tool helps you do all of this so that the bigger picture is brought to focus.

It does this with the help of these features

A)Collection which helps keep all your images, files, links, videos properly organized.

B)Stacks gives the collection some flexibility.

C)Tags helps you find what you are looking for easily.

D)Import tool makes importing files, images and videos very easy.

If you create content on Instagram, check out “Top 3 Free Instagram Growth And Marketing Tools In Business” in order to build a successful business brand on Instagram.


I can not overemphasize the importance of having relevant content on your social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc as well as blogs.

Relevant content has the power to increase your influence on your audience, increase the trust level between you and your audience, and drive traffic as well as sales. Tools that help create relevant contents are;

1)Answer The Public



Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply to them, also comment if you have any additional tips that can help you in effective content creation.

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