10 Effective Affiliate Marketing Tools.

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As an Affiliate Marketer, having effective affiliate marketing tools is important in order for me to be successful in this business. Affiliate marketing can be that extra source of income because you can do this any day, anytime, and anywhere, in fact, it is so financially rewarding that it can be your main source of income. 

This is why affiliate marketing is very popular, hence making it very difficult due to the high competition, hence the existence of affiliate marketing tools to help you level the playing ground and increase your conversion rates and sales.

Below is a list of 10+ affiliate marketing tools to help you build a successful affiliate marketing business.

#1 Effective Affiliate Marketing ToolFlippa

One important component that an affiliate marketer must have is an affiliate website that ranks high on Google so that you can easily advertise and reach your customer. 

Flippa Is An Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool

Flippa solves this problem. Flippa is like the amazon of websites, this is an online marketplace for buying and selling websites. You can buy a website with a strong backlink for SEO so that your website will start ranking high on Google from day 1 and possibly make sales immediately.

Now, when buying websites from Flippa, make sure you do a full backlink audit to find out if the original owner of the website practiced black hat SEO which could get that website penalized by the penguin algorithm.

#2 Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool ShareASale

Since affiliate marketing is all about getting paid a commission for selling a merchant’s product, getting leads, driving traffic to websites, etc. You might need an intermediary to connect to these merchants.

ShareASale Is An Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool

ShareASale is a trusted platform that connects merchants to publishers, there are some other similar platforms as well like CJ affiliate which is also good, but ShareASale is very good as well. With over 15,000 merchants, 211,000 publishers, and 150 million sales generated in 2019, it has become the number one choice for many affiliate marketers.

All you have to do is go to the ShareASale website, register with them, choose a deal from a number of merchants and start advertising them.

#3 Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool SEMRush

This amazing tool is the answer to anyone that wants to dominate their niche online and these are the reasons. 

SEMRush Is An Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool

SEMRush helps to:

A)Research what content gives the highest ROI for your competitors.

B)Perform SEO analysis on your page to determine what needs to be done to improve your content SEO.

C)Discover relevant keywords as well as monitor your keywords rankings on a daily basis.

D)Monitor press mentions

E)Perform PPC and social media marketing 

#4 Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another affiliate marketing tool that is very similar to SEMRush, (it does on-page SEO audit, keyword analysis, competitors’ content analysis) but Ahref also does backlink analysis.

Ahrefs Is An Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool

Some of the things that Ahref does includes:

-Locate broken links on your page, so that you can replace them with quality links

-Give information about new and old backlinks

-Analyse and give information about the backlinks your competitors have to give you direction on building your own backlinks.

Being that SEMRush and Ahref both perform similar functions, it might be unreasonable to buy both of them, so I will advise that if you have bigger competitors in your niche, use Ahrefs, but if you are the biggest or close to the biggest competitor in your niche, use SEMRush.

#5 Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool Rank Math

Writing SEO-optimized content can be very confusing especially if you are just a beginner and that’s where Rank math comes in.

Rank math is a WordPress plugin that assists you in writing SEO-optimized content by giving you various suggestions on what to improve, allowing you to choose which page you want to index, and deciding how you want your post to appear on Google search.

Rank Math Is An Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool

Qualities of Rank Math WordPress Plugin includes:

1)It’s beginner friendly because it’s very easy to set up 

2)It has a clean and simple user interface

3)It was built with performance in mind, it’s very efficient.

4)It has a very efficient support team if you have any questions

You can also check out 9 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog In 2021 for more options on driving traffic to your blogs.

#6 Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that ensures your writing is free of any type of grammatical error. With Grammarly, everyone can be an excellent writer. 

Grammarly Is An Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool

So, since content marketing is one of the effective marketing strategies for an affiliate marketer, you need this tool for effective content writing. I use their free version but the paid one has additional useful features.

#7 Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool Duplichecker

In order to prevent lawsuits or Google “sanctioning” your blog because of the presence of duplicate content, you need to check all your blog contents for plagiarism and you can do this using duplichecker.

Duplichecker Is An Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool

The last thing you need as an affiliate marketer is to be dealing with the issues associated with plagiarism and this needs to be identified so that it can be corrected.

#8 Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool Hemingway

Hemingway app is another writing app that assists you in writing content simple enough for your readers to read and understand.

Hemingway Is An Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool

This app analysis adverb, passive and active voice, and complex words with simpler phrases and sentences that can make it easy for people to understand, hence aiding your content marketing strategy and driving sales.

#9 Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool Google AdSense

As we already know, affiliate marketing involves getting paid for certain actions people make through your affiliate ID. Google AdSense is also a form of an affiliate program where you get paid for allowing them to place ads on your blog, website, or youtube channel, and you get paid based on the actions people take on that ad on your site.

Google Adsence Is An Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool

One thing I particularly love about this platform is the fact that it serves a wide range of people all over the world as opposed to the majority of the other advertisers that focus mainly on tier 1 countries like the USA, UK, etc.

Google AdSense pays you based on:

A)CPM (Cost per Mille): which is cost per 1000 impressions, where you will get paid a certain amount of money per 1,000 impressions or reach ads gets on your websites and youtube channel

B)CPC (Cost per Click); which is the cost per 1000 clicks, where you will get paid a certain amount of money per 1000 clicks you get on your website and youtube channel.

#10 Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool TinyPNG

Websites that load slowly often lose a lot of traffic, conversion, and sales and the biggest cause of slow websites is the presence of big-sized files on the website.

TinyPNG Is An Effective Affiliate Marketing Tool

Statistics have shown that slow websites make you lose about 50% of sales, so this is a really big problem that must be prevented or solved, from my research, one of the best tools for resizing images is called TinyPNG

TinyPNG is one of the best because it not only reduces image size by removing some pixels from your image, it also does this without reducing the quality of the image.


Although affiliate marketing business is a very lucrative business, it could also be very tasking but not to worry, we have some amazing tools that can help you overcome any hurdle you might have as an affiliate marketer.

Let’s quickly recap these amazing tools that can help you drive traffic, increase conversion rate and sales:





5)Rank Math




9)Google Adsense


Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply swiftly, also, if you have used any of these tools, you can share your experience with us in the comment section.

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