6 Influencer Platforms You Need To Know As A Video Marketer + Bonus.

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Influencer marketing can be very rewarding and effective in reaching your audience and increasing your brand awareness but it could also be very daunting and slow to process as it might be difficult to figure out which influencer is genuine with real engagement. It might also be difficult to successfully reach genuine influencers, that’s where these influencer platforms come to play.

Influencer platforms connect brands to tested influencers, create and manage the relationship between them and manage the campaigns set by the brands and carried out by the influencers.

The list below spans across a wide range of niches, budgets, and target audiences so that wherever you are in your journey of using influencer marketing, you can find one platform that is suitable for you. 


This influencer marketing platform is a self-service platform with over 50,000 influencers ready to carry out your campaigns, they offer these solutions

a)Influencer marketing

b)Community marketing

c)Managed services

They partner and integrate with platforms like Shopify, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook which make your campaigns easy.

AspireIQ is an influencer platform

They help in generating authentic content for your campaign, drive brand awareness, boost engagement and retention, improve your products and maximize your sales.

They have useful components like

-Performance dashboard to monitor your campaigns

-Influencer discovery tool

-Quick match recommendation which is powered by AI to locates influencers that fit the needs of your brand quickly


This influencer platform refers to itself as the smartest influencer marketing platform because it connects you to the best of over 4 million + influencers and uses data-driven technology to run campaigns more effectively. You can also make smarter investments to maximize your ROI.

Upfluence  is an influencer platform

They cater for the needs of a wide range of businesses from online store, to B2C businesses to Agency to B2B businesses

They have useful components like

a)Organic Influencer

b)Influencers’ reach with advanced search criteria

c)Influencer profiles, with over 4 million + influencers

d)Influencer outreach, contact influencers

e)Campaign management

f)Influencer marketing, manage influencer ROI.

As an Influencer, you will be creating a lot of content, so, also check out, Top 3 Tools For Content Creation On Social Media, to make creating content easier.


This influencer platform narrows down your target audience, studies them to create a persona, locates influencers that fit that persona, creates content that fits that persona, monitors the engagement, and improves your influence across all social media platforms.

Solutions they provide includes

a)Research and planning

b)Content strategy

c)Listening and intelligence

d)Influencer marketing

e)Social media management

f)Measurement & Reporting

g)Customer care

Socialbakers  is an influencer platform

The platforms used includes

a)Social listening

b)Audience Analysis

c)Content intelligence

d)Publishing and scheduling

e)Analytics and Benchmarks

f)Community management



This influencer platform helps to drive brand awareness, traffic, and sales. This platform is a little bit different from the rest

a)If you already know what you want, you can go through several pitches made by influencers in your target location to choose which you are interested in.

b)If you can’t find what you want, you can submit a brief to allow influences to work on it to give you a proposal for your desired result.

c)If you do not know what you want, you can go through influencer’s analytics, engagement, rates and details.

Webfluential  is an influencer platform


Traackr operates in a different way, they know that it’s not always possible to pump money on influencers and expect to make a lot of sales immediately. Studies show that in order to ensure you keep making sales continuously, it requires building brand awareness, brand trust, and brand influence which could take time.

So they invest a lot in creating and managing relationships between your brand and the influencers as well as the relationship between your brand and your audience.

Traackr is an influencer platform

They have a wide range of influencers that can help you create the right marketing strategies for your business, manage your campaigns and with the use of data insights, effectively scale up your program.

The features used includes

a)Influencer discovery

b)Influencer vetting

c)Brand safety

d)Campaign management

e)Relationship management

f)Budget optimization

g)Project management

h)Market benchmark


This influencer marketing platform has this phrase, that in my opinion, sums up what they can offer you “People trust influencers not ads, build this trust with Klear” and most times, this is so true!.

Klear is an influencer platform

This influencer marketing software helps you:

-find the right influencers that fits your brand

-analyze each of those influencers by checking the analytics associated with them to get more information about them to be sure they are best for you

-manage relationships between your brand and the influencers by facilitating communication as well as building long-lasting partnerships.

-measure and track your campaigns with real-time statistics so that you can modify them if needed in order to increase your ROI.

Bonus Point

Heepsy is one of the fastest-growing Instagram influencer marketing platforms with over 11 million + influencers with at least 5k+ followers each. This is only for Instagram so it’s different from the other tools above, I am mentioning it here because this tool is very effective, so if you market on Instagram, you can try this out to achieve your marketing goals.

Heepsy is an influencer platform

They help to bring brands seeking awareness, traffic, sales to influencers that can help them achieve their goals.

They do this with the help of:

a)Influencer discovery; which helps you find influencers based on location, categories etc.

b)Influencer metrics; you will have access to the aesthetics like location, age, gender, or interests of followers as well as the number of real/fake followers they have so that you can make an informed decision on who to choose to influence for you.

a)Contact influencers; you get access to a full list of influencers that fit your brand which you can contact directly.


Influencer marketing is a very effective marketing strategy that has the potential of turning your business into a multi-million dollar business. So we will just go over the list of striving Influencer platforms.







Bonus point: Heepsy

Comment below with any questions you might have and I will reply to them swiftly, also contribute if you have any additional information about these platforms.

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