8 Free SEO Tools To Rank Your Posts On Google.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important to rank your posts on Google which increases consistent traffic, brand influence, and sales (if applicable).

SEO is basically the process of enhancing your post to increase the visibility of your post on Google. There are several ways to do this and it includes the use of the tools listed below which mainly helps by improving the value of your keywords.

Let’s get started:

#1 Free SEO Tools To Rank Your Posts On GoogleSeed Keywords

There are several keyword finders, that generate suggestions for several keywords. The problem here is that a lot of people don’t research their seed keywords, they just use any keyword off their heads or use similar keywords that they see other people use, that’s why there is high competition between the majority of existing keywords.

Seed keywords help you research the right seed keywords to type in and these keywords are relevant because they are gotten from your ideal customers so that you will not only get low competition keywords, you will also get relevant keywords that your customers are actually typing.

So, for example, if you own a necklace store,

Seed keywords website to research what people are searching for on Google
Seed Keywords

Go to seedkeywords and create a scenario

Create a scenario on seed keywords
Seed Keywords- create a scenario

For best results, read through how to properly create a scenario and get your results.

Examples of how to create scenario on seed keywords website
Seed Keywords – Examples of scenario

So from the example given here, you can write “You fancy buying a necklace for your girlfriend, what type will you buy?”

seed keywords URL
Seed Keywords URL

You will then get this link that you can share with your customers, friends, and audience. You can then sit back, relax and receive suggestions that can be used as your keywords.

#2 Free SEO Tools To Rank Your Posts On Google SERPerator

This is one amazing tool because one of the problems we face as content creators trying to rank on youtube is that keywords usually change based on location and the type of device your audience is using, so even if you get an amazing keyword based on the location of your target audience, if they change device type, they might see your content when using one device but totally miss it when using another.

This is the problem that SERPerator solves, they give you suggestions based on countries and devices, so if you are looking for people searching for “chocolate”, that are located in Alabama USA, and are using android devices, you can just filter these options out and get your suggested keywords.

SERPerator is used to find keywords to rank on Google

#3 Free SEO Tools To Rank Your Posts On Google Exploding Topics

One big reason why there is high competition between a majority of keywords is, people don’t research to get new keywords, they just keep using the old keywords over and over again.

Exploding topics to find keywords to rank on Google
Exploding Topics

Exploding topics solves this problem for you, they find new keywords with low competition and track its metrics because they mostly become highly sought after with time. So, imagine if you find a new keyword with low competition and write a post with it, by the time the keyword starts to rank, your post will take center stage and rank higher, driving more and more traffic and sales.

#4 Free SEO Tools To Rank Your Posts On Google LSI Graph

One thing that determines how fast Google ranks your post is how long Google takes to read and understand your post in order to show/rank your post with the appropriate “search words”.

LSI Graph to rank posts on Google
LSI Graph

One way to hasten this up is by the use of LSI keywords. LSI keywords are words, clauses, and phrases that Google perceives as related to a certain topic or keywords.

LSI keywords can easily be gotten from LSI Graph and if your post has a number of LSI keywords, it will help Google quickly comprehend your post to know what it’s all about so that it can start ranking.

#5 Free SEO Tools To Rank Your Posts On Google VidIQ

This is a free tool that performs SEO for your youtube video. So if you see a video performing well for a certain keyword and you want to use the tags in that video, you can find and copy them using VidIQ. You can also get more information about a keyword with its associated suggested tags and keywords.

So, for example, if we want to rank this keyword “Instagram vs TikTok”, you can register on VidIQ and install their chrome extension which will give you several information about your competitors

overall score on vidiq

It gives you information about the total score, volume of content, competition level, and top channels for these keywords.

top channels for a search term on vidiq

You will also get information on top related opportunities

Top related opportunities to rank on Google on vidiq

And top related queries

Related queries on vidiq

#6 Free SEO Tools To Rank Your Posts On Google – Wordtracker Scout

Most times, for every keyword you want to rank, there is someone already ranking for it. What if you can take their position and “steal” their audience? Well, wordtracker does this in a unique way.

wordtracker scout is a keyword research tool to rank on Google
Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker scout goes to your competitor’s page and locates the various keywords used, analyze them individually with associated reports of the available opportunities you have to overtake your competitors based on the search to competition ratio of those keywords, the ideal ratio is low competition with high search volume.

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#7 Free SEO Tools To Rank Your Posts On Google Answer the public

A common problem we content creators often face is… deciding what to write about, it’s beyond just looking for any topic you are passionate about and writing about it. If you do that without finding out if people are interested in that topic, little to nobody might get to see your post.

Answer the public research keywords to rank on Google
Answer the public

Answer the public solves this problem efficiently, they gather together queries that real people are searching for on forums, blogs, quora, and social media. Their results are usually in the form of “why, how, are, is, which, Vs” and so on.

#8 Free SEO Tools To Rank Your Posts On Google Animalz Revive

If you have an evergreen blog that usually receive a lot of traffic but is now receiving little to no traffic, there is a way to remedy this problem.

Animalz Revive helps to rank your posts on Google
Animalz Revive

Animalz revive is a free tool that helps to review your blog posts and identify what needs to be updated in order to be up-to-date on what is ranking and what isn’t ranking in real-time. They also give statistics on how many visitors you are losing as a result of not updating that post.


Let’s do a quick recap of all that we have learned because keyword research is very important in SEO. Free tools that can help you do this are:

1)Seed keyword


3)Exploring topics

4)LSI graph


6)Wordtracker scout

7)Answer the public

8)Animalz revive

Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply swiftly, also let us know if you are using any of these tools and share your experience with us.

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