Top 6 Infographic Makers.

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Infographics are visual representations of information in the form of graphics, such that, once you look at them, you can clearly get the full information without having to read a lot of sentences explaining the same thing. Examples are charts and diagrams.

Infographics are sometimes preferable to texts because it tends to get and keep the attention of your audience because it’s usually more descriptive as it creates a picture that can be understood and remembered. It also encourages engagements like comments and shares from people.

With all these benefits, infographics have grown popular over the years, increasing the need for it by more brands and content creators but it’s also time-consuming hence the invention of free and paid tools that can help hasten the process while making it easy for people without experience in graphic design to make beautiful infographics.

I have compiled a list of top 6 infographic makers, some of which are free while some are paid. Let’s go over them.

1)Adobe spark

Pricing: from free

Adobe spark is an amazing graphic designing tool that helps to bring your content to life in the form of infographics.

Adobe Spark is an Infographic Maker

Adobe sparks has the following benefits

-have thousands of royalty free images and icons you can use in your design

-have a number of premium templates that you can use if you don’t have a graphic designing background, making your job easier.

-creates a space where you and your team can work on the same designs together at any time

-ability to personalize any design with your logo, colour or fonts.

-ability to create more designs from branded templates and themes.

Adobe spark is beginner-friendly and has special packages for schools and enterprises in order to save time while producing quality infographics


Snappa is another amazing graphic design tool, it helps create excellent infographics that can be used for social media platforms, ads, blogs, and more.

Snappa ia an Infographic Maker

It’s beginner-friendly and helps you design graphics with the size that fits the platform you intend to use it for. It has thousands of pre-made templates that are designed to get those clicks, interactions, and sales. Snappa also has approximately 4,000,000+ royalty-free, high-resolution photos or images that you can quickly use.

It’s time-saving because you can quickly access thousands of vectors and shapes as well as fonts to use in your design, remove background images, resize graphics and reschedule and publish them to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc without leaving Snappa.

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Pricing: from free

Piktochart is another effective infographic maker that easily represents data in a visual form. 

Piktochart is an Infographic Maker

The following are some of the features that I love:

-It’s beginner-friendly because it contains templates designed by experts to fit different niches in order to drive clicks, engagements, and possibly sales.

-You can easily brand your design by uploading any font size, color, logo, images that represent your brand and use them to make your design.

-It’s time-saving because you don’t need to go looking for images, icons, etc to correctly represent your ideas, Piktochart has all of these.

-You can accurately represent statistics and data in the form of charts and graphs, not many graphic makers can do this.

All you have to do is, choose a template, make it yours by working on it and go ahead and use it online or offline.


Pricing; from free

DesignCap is an Infographic Maker

DesignCap is also an effective infographic maker. It’s similar to other infographic makers in that it has a number of templates, image icons that you can use to make a design. The only thing is that, with a free plan, you can export only five images but to increase it, you have to upgrade to the basic plan of $4.99 monthly in order to export an unlimited number of images (jpg and png) designed by you.

One thing I love about this is that it’s time-saving and beginner-friendly as it also contains

-Thousands of templates that you can use in your design, 

-Millions of arts and resources such as shapes, icons, fonts for you to use

-Elegant visual charts such as pie chart, graphs etc.

All you have to do is log in, choose a template, customize it to fit your message and share it.


Pricing: from free

Mural is an amazing infographic maker tool that helps to bring your imagination to live.

Mural is an Infographic Maker

One thing that sets mural apart is that it is mainly equipped to work with teams which is very useful because it brings teams from different locations and time zones together to collaborate in bringing ideas to life.

It does this by allowing teammates to share their thoughts, ideas, and progress with each other in the form of sticky notes.

If you are a team and you’re looking for an infographic maker that can help with visual collaborations between teammates, Mural is the right tool to use.


Pricing; from price

Visme is another infographic maker that can represent data in a visual format. Visme does this by providing millions of royalty-free images, thousands of icons, and fonts. This makes it beginner-friendly and time-saving as you won’t need to look for images to make your designs.

Visme is an Infographic Maker

One feature I love about the tool is the ability to record voiceovers directly into the editor, you can also upload your own audio and videos as well as images to customize them.

Another amazing feature is the ability to animate your content, this has been proven to drive high engagement such as likes and comments across social media platforms as you effectively communicate to your audience. It is also effective in driving traffic and sales.


Infographics are effective at passing information across to your audience in a creative, entertaining way that grabs and keeps their attention. So, let’s do a quick recap of some of these infographic makers that help save time while creating amazing designs:

1)Adobe spark






Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply swiftly, you can also share your experience with us if you have used any of these infographic makers.


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