8 Actionable Steps In Growing Your TikTok Followers.

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Growing your TikTok followers is very important especially in business because TikTok has become fans favorite with over one billion monthly users worldwide in January 2021, of which 100 million users are in the united states with over 2.6 billion app downloads worldwide in Dec 2020, with an audience comprising of people between the age of 18-40 years. 

This statistics proves the need for you to be on TikTok if you want to build an online presence to grow your brand.


I have compiled 8 actionable steps to take if you want to grow your TikTok account fast without spending a dime.

#1 Actionable Steps In Growing Your TikTok FollowersDefine your target audience

Identifying your target audience and producing content that appeals to them is key in growing any social media platform including your TikTok account.

The mistake people often make here is going too wide or too narrow in your choice of topic. Doing either of these can potentially hurt your channel, it’s important to note that your channel should be structured in such a way that your audience feel that they can “trust” you in a particular topic because you have developed so much content on that topic that you are now seen as an authority in it. 

Every topic also has subtopics, it is better in my opinion that you don’t limit yourself too much by only dwelling on the subtopics, it might work for you but you might also be limiting yourself.

All these might be confusing but I find that the best way to know what topics to focus on is by simply asking your viewers or audience what they want to see more of. This will give you an idea of what your niche is all about and what interests your audience the most.

#2 Actionable Steps In Growing Your TikTok Followers Analyze and Optimize your scheduling time

Having a regular and consistent posting time is crucial when growing any social media channel including TikTok, there are 2 reasons for this

A)The first reason is, so that your audience who love and adore you will get to know when to expect another content from you, so if you tell them that you upload every Monday and Friday, they will know and be anticipating your next post while they wait and binge-watch your previous posts. 

It gives them the patience to wait because they know that you will give them another content on Monday and Friday. This makes them loyal fans.

B)The second reason is that consistency is always favored by the TikTok algorithm, so if TikTok notices that you post once or twice every day for the past months, TikTok will tend to reward you by making you go viral gaining a lot of followers at the same time.

Posting consistently and at the same time, every day makes you able to track the performance of your video at certain times of the day so that you can plan the best time for posting your videos. Although studies have shown that this doesn’t affect the long-term performance of your video, it helps you understand your audience better.

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#3 Actionable Steps In Growing Your TikTok Followers – User-generated content (UGC)

UGC is one effective way to satisfy your existing followers and attract new followers to your TikTok account. Tiktok is so unique in this case because there is always an event or challenge going on, so if you are a musician with followers, you can start a dance challenge for your followers to join you in, which has the potential of going viral, thereby introducing new followers to your account.

Another example is, if you are advertising a product on TikTok, you can ask your followers/customers for videos doing reviews on your product which you can then share on your TikTok. This will make your product more attractive to other TikTok users and increase sales.

#4 Actionable Steps In Growing Your TikTok Followers Interact with other TikTok channels

Interacting with your followers and other TikTok accounts by liking, commenting on their posts is very useful in creating brand awareness and increasing your influence on TikTok.

So whenever you get a comment on your post, leaving a good, heartfelt response is vital in making the TikTok algorithm favor you, hence making your post go viral and bringing in new followers. It also makes them feel ‘seen”, like you value them and their thoughts, hence building your influence.

The same thing happens when you comment in the comment section of other TikTok accounts, it introduces you to the audience of the account and also makes the TikTok account owner appreciate you especially if your comment adds a lot of value to their post. This often leads to collaborations and deals.

#5 Actionable Steps In Growing Your TikTok Followers Trends and challenges

Every now and then, there is always one TikTok challenge going on or the other, these challenges/trends often lead to increased visibility for accounts that take part in it.

 So, identifying trends or challenges that could showcase you or your brands is very important. You have to be very creative when jumping on these challenges in order to stand out and increase the chance of your TikTok video going viral.

#6 Actionable Steps In Growing Your TikTok Followers Doing regular hashtag research

Hashtags as we all know is a marketing tool that helps you to increase your reach to a particular target audience and to also find a particular type of content.

Researching and using hashtags that are relevant per time is critical to the growth of your TikTok account because it will make people easily find your post when looking for contents in your niche,

Studies have shown that continuously using the exact same type of hashtags for each post is perceived as spam which can hurt your account, so ensure that you are continuously searching for relevant hashtags every day especially because it changes frequently.

#7 Actionable Steps In Growing Your TikTok Followers Sharing your TikTok videos on other platforms

Sharing your TikTok videos on other platforms like Youtube, Instagram, blog or website, so that your audience on those platforms can become aware of your TikTok account and follow it.

This also grows your brand trust, and make your audience on other platforms perceive your brand as a serious brand that they can trust and work with (if applicable)

#8 Actionable Steps In Growing Your TikTok Followers Text your followers

This is one of the most effective marketing strategies for all types of content. Studies has shown that SMS has a whopping 98% opening rate within the first 15 minutes of receiving it. Isn’t that incredible?.

So if you advertise a text code on your TikTok through which your audience can reach you, they will feel “good” about your brand, as they have free access to you in case they need a service, information, or product. This also affords you the opportunity to text your followers whenever you post new content on TikTok to inform them so that they can watch it.


TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms where you can build a lasting online presence, build your brand, grow your influence, drive traffic to your websites or blogs as well as make sales. Let us recap the 8 ways by which you can grow your TikTok account without spending money:

1)Define your target audience

2)Analyse and Optimize your scheduling time

3)User generated content (UGC)

4)Interact with other TikTok channels

5)Trends and challenges

6)Doing regular hashtag research

7)Sharing your TikTok videos on other platforms

8)Text your followers

Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply swiftly and if you have had experience growing your TikTok account using these steps, you can share with us your experience.

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