5 New LinkedIn Features That Build Brands And Businesses.

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Linkedin has about 3 million weekly users making it one of the most powerful social media platforms that business owners and brands can build their online presence on.

In an effort to make LinkedIn a platform that profits businesses, LinkedIn has rolled out some powerful features that can easily help grow their influence.


I have compiled 5 effective new features on LinkedIn that helps business and brands reach their goals

1)Live Video

In this day and age, doing consistent live videos helps to build brand awareness as well as create an experience with your followers or viewers in order to build a loyal community of followers especially during this pandemic. 

LinkedIn rolled out this tool and as a brand, you can take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your product or services, give out valuable content about your niche, interact with your viewers by encouraging them to comment and ask questions which you can get to answer during the live video. This leads to building trust between you and your followers.

This feature is not available to all LinkedIn accounts, you have to apply to get approved to go live. Check out how to enable this feature on LinkedIn HERE.

You will also require the use of a third-party streaming tool in order for it to work. Statistics have shown that live videos get up to 24x more comments than the regular videos posted on LinkedIn. So, if you are looking for more conventional ways to reach out to other businesses and customers, take advantage of this powerful feature on LinkedIn.

2)Name Pronunciation

LinkedIn has a new cool feature where you can record a 10-seconds clip, pronouncing your name, how cool is this?

You might ask how useful this can be in building business relationships, well according to LinkedIn, using this name pronunciation feature helps to create inclusion in the workplace.

So according to this, if you are on LinkedIn hoping to connect with another business, it’s always advisable to study that business, and learning the correct pronunciation of the name of the business’s representative is always a great way to start.

Stating that you heard and learned the correct pronunciation of their names alongside other details about their business while introducing yourself is a great icebreaker when approaching them.

This feature is not available for LinkedIn on desktop, it’s only available on iOS and Android apps.

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LinkedIn is generally seen as a B2B (business to business) platform and not really as a typical social media platform but LinkedIn has introduced new features that make it looks like the typical Facebook or Instagram with reactions such as

– like, celebrate, love, support, insights, curious

These reactions are designed with professionals in mind and you can get more creative with these features to create brand awareness and gather more interactions and engagement from your followers. This increase in engagement can lead to LinkedIn promoting your post which can lead to an increase in the number of your followers on LinkedIn


Polls are great ways to create engagement on social media. Asking your network for feedback and getting a response is one amazing benefit of using polls on LinkedIn as well as on other social media platforms.

On LinkedIn, more engagement will lead to more reach and brand awareness, so making a poll asking your network of professions about things like HR policies can create a lot of comments with those professionals chipping in their thoughts. This increase in engagement leads to LinkedIn promoting your post, showing your post and account to new professionals for them to connect with and follow.

Brands and businesses that take advantage of this feature stand a huge chance of becoming an authority in their niche on LinkedIn.

5)LinkedIn documents

LinkedIn documents are designed as organic “carousel” posts and it’s used when you upload multiple media on LinkedIn.

In order to create highly engaging LinkedIn organic “carousel” posts with images, you can design them with navigation arrows to mentally influence people to click and navigate through all your images and interact or engage with them.

This is very important because this organic “carousel” post causes more engagement leading to your post gaining greater reach, more followers, building influence, and making you an authority in your field, so take advantage of this opportunity.


LinkedIn is constantly releasing new features that will improve B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer) marketing on LinkedIn. Let’s do a quick recap of the new features on LinkedIn that can help to create brand awareness for businesses on LinkedIn.

1)Live Video

2)Name Pronunciation



5)LinkedIn documents

Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply swiftly and also share your experience if you use any of these features as a brand or business on LinkedIn.

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