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Content curation is the use of expert knowledge to find, select, arrange and present information to your audience.

Content, they say is king!. No matter what you are doing online, on any platform, your content can make or break your business because content can help you build your brand, influence, drive traffic and make a lot of sales while building trust between you and your audience. 

The quality and consistency of your content is very important and there are tools that can help you curate contents that your audience will love. Let’s see what some of those tools are:


Flipboard is one of the most popular content creation tools, it gets you inspired and keeps you informed. 

Flipboard for content curation

It provides you your own digital magazine that keeps you updated on news, entertainment, and other topics in both written and video format, so that you can curate your own content from them anywhere you are.


Instapaper has been a big contender in the game of content curation, it has been around for over 10 years. 

Instapaper for content curation

You save articles seen online, from quotes to articles, videos, recipes, etc on your Instapaper website so that you can read and manage it at any time. It is available on the web and as a mobile app, so that it can be accessed and used at any time, and anywhere. 

One incredible thing I like about this is that you can highlight and comment on any post to make it more relatable to your audience and save it to be shared on all your social media handles.

3) is another great content curator tool. The posts here are called lists. helps you collect, create and publish your lists on your website and social media handles. for content curation

You can collect contents from blogs, videos, social media etc.. and use it for content marketing strategy.


Medium is mainly seen as a blog site where you can start a blog without worrying about hosting authorities, domain names, or the hassles associated with building a blog site. Medium is estimated to have 85 to 100 million active monthly users.

Medium for content curation

People visit medium to post their content and to look for content to curate their content from, so the medium is a place where you can save people’s posts and curate your own content out of them. It is also a place where you can build your online presence by frequently posting meaningful content from which people can curate their own content.


Pinterest is a visual social media tool that is useful in building your brand, and influence, driving traffic to your blog and to your online store while driving conversion and sales

Pinterest for content curation

It is also a very good tool for content curation, you can pin people’s images or infographics on various boards. Boards are collections of related images, under the same topic which could be public, private, or shared.


This topic will not be complete without talking about Twitter as a content curation tool. Twitter has a function called Twitter’s list. 

Twitter for content curation

Twitter’s list allows you to create a list about a topic and following people that are related to that topic in order to keep you updated about that topic, so, all you have to do is, visit the list and retweet what was tweeted by those people in that list and also share those tweets on other social media platforms.

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ContentGems a content discovery engine that helps you discover and share contents easily.

ContentGems for content curation

The features includes

A)Content discovery

-It scans through various contents on blogs and news sites.

-It monitors what people share on Twitter

-It monitors the RSS feed of any website

-It has a search interface that is keyword based

-It helps to filter contents on social media.

B)Content Sharing

-Share your contents on Hootsuite, Feedly, Mailchimp, Edgar

-Share your contents on newsletter, social media, websites, online portals etc.

-Plug your contents into mobile apps through their developer AI

-Use custom workflow to automatically share your curated contents to multiple platforms at the same time.


One problem that content creators often face is information overload. Feedly is not just a great content curation tool, it also helps to prevent information overload and it does so by;

Feedly for content curation

A)Finding, organizing and reading all your publications from one place

B)Using the help of a personalized AI assistant, to read and filter out your feed for you.

C)Sharing your publications with your team.


Inoreader is another powerful content curation tool that brings the news straight to you once it’s published to the internet.

Inoreader for content curation

Inoreader helps to discover, share and read articles by subscribing to various RSS feeds, blogs, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, and even newsletter.

You can also set a custom workflow to automate everything, from sending push notifications to marking contents “read” when they meet certain criteria.

You can monitor keywords so that articles with certain keywords get delivered to your news feed, you can also mute or permit articles with certain criteria.


This content curation tool helps you take control of your digital life by keeping you updated about online content that interests you. So you can choose and filter content about topics you are interested in, from news sites, social media, videos, blogs, etc. 

Netvibes for content curation

You can also plan and view your calendar, to-do-lists, emails and apps from one place. 

The benefits of netvibes includes:

A)You can read, monitor and automate everything from your personal dashboard

B)If you get a paid plan (VIP and Premium plan), here you can search for articles, input your own data to analyze them from one dashboard, monitor social metrics, and even drag and drop.


Content curation tools help to increase your consistency, audience trust, content quality, online presence, traffic, sales, and more. Let’s do a quick recap of what some of these tools are;











Comment below if you have any questions concerning this topic and I will reply swiftly, if you have tried any of these content curation tools, kindly share your thoughts on them.

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