Top 3 Free Instagram Growth And Marketing Tools In Business.

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Instagram growth and marketing tools are very important in business because growth comes with an increase in your reach and influence which inevitably leads to more sales. 

Growing your Instagram page can be very tasking and difficult, hence the need for tools to grow and market your Instagram page. The 3 tools we will be discussing here are all free, so you can start using them right away without a budget.

Let’s get right to it

#1 Free Instagram Growth And Marketing Tools Later

Later prides themselves as the world’s favorite Instagram marketing platform. They help you plan your posts, publish them automatically and give bespoke analytics to increase your reach.

What I like about this tool is that it makes your Instagram feed look really beautiful because it’s built to share pictures, videos, and stories and it has an easy-to-use interface.

Number 1 Instagram Growth And Marketing Tools is Later

Components of Later

A)Visual Planner

This is a very important component because Instagram favors consistency, so if you post at 6 pm every day, you have to maintain it and this is where the visual planner helps. 

You can basically plan your full month posts within a minute using this tool. It’s easy to use, all you have to do is drag and drop. It also advises you on the best time to post for maximum reach.

B)User Generated Contents

I can’t stress enough how important this is, it’s not just about consistently posting on Instagram, it also about posting the right content. 

So, in case you don’t have time to create a post, Later finds contents related to your brand that are performing very well on Instagram, you can then modify it to tailor to your brand and then automatically post it in just a few clicks 

C) is a landing page that looks like an Instagram feed and makes your Instagram feed shoppable. When you use this feature, your posts will become clickable and this will drive traffic and sales. It also shows you the analytics of each post on your page, so that you can monitor it’s traffic and sales. This will help you make decision on what to improve on.


We all know how important this feature is, knowing what is happening on Instagram is instrumental in building your page. Later shows you what is happening on your page and gives you suggestions based on the report in order to build your reach.

Later is a good free tool in growing your business Instagram page and increasing your reach, traffic and sales.

#2 Free Instagram Growth And Marketing Tools – Canva

Canva is a free tool for creating and designing beautiful graphics for your Instagram page. Graphics are so important, the more attractive your pictures and videos are, the more people will want to engage with them, follow your page and eventually buy from you.

With Canva, you can design graphics for personal, business, and school use as it contains templates for social media, events, marketing, prints, documents, videos amongst others. 

For example, if you need to create a design for Instagram stories, you can search for “Instagram stories” templates in the search bar.

Number 2 Instagram Growth And Marketing Tool is Canva showing the different canva templates

Templates will show up and you can go ahead and make as many designs as you want, below are some templates for Instagram stories.

Number 2 Instagram Growth And Marketing Tools is canva showing the different templates for instagram stories

These templates are so beautiful and professionally done and they will help you create beautiful images and videos, grow your Instagram page and followers and inevitably increase sales. 

#3 Free Instagram Growth And Marketing Tools – Flick

Flick is a free (free for 7 days) Instagram hashtag tool, it finds, manages, and analyses various Instagram hashtags tailored to your personal, business, or creator account increasing your reach and influence.

The power of hashtags can’t be underestimated, hashtags helps to reach new audiences with similar interests, this often leads to higher reach and followers.

This Instagram Growth And Marketing Tool called flick is an hashtag generating tool

Now let’s discuss the various components of Flick

A)Hashtag Search

This component helps to provide various relevant hashtags for any keyword you input, it also protects you from using banned hashtags and it’s available in 20+ languages. 

When you input your keyword, it brings out a number of relevant hashtags with associated metrics like average likes, average comments, media counts, daily posts, competition score, and potential reach score for each of the suggested hashtags. Quality hashtags are those with low competition scores and high potential reach scores. 

B)Hashtag Collection

After getting relevant hashtags, hashtag collection helps to organize, manage and copy them, so you can easily access them on your phone or laptops.

C)Analytics Pro

Now, after generating relevant hashtags and saving them in the hashtag collection, you can then start experimenting with them individually or in batches. 

Analytics Pro gives you a detailed insight into how your hashtags are performing, so that you can create a hashtag strategy on auto-pilot.

D)Mobile App

This is very important so that you can gain access to your hashtag metrics, collection and analytics on the go, all you have to do is download the iOS or Android app and start finding, editing, and saving hashtags.

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Instagram growth and marketing tools are very important to your personal, business, and creator Instagram accounts and these free tools can help you build your influence and driving sales. They are;




Comment below and let me know if you have any questions on free Instagram growth and marketing tools and I will reply to them, you can also add any other tips and tricks that can help grow your Instagram page.

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