8 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Page Organically.

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Facebook is the number one most visited social media platform hence the need to know how to grow your Facebook page organically. It’s estimated that about 2.7 billion people worldwide use Facebook monthly, so since it seems like the whole world is on Facebook, it’s one very effective way to get across to your target audience. So, even if you are a teacher, pastor, business person, motivational speaker, etc, the easiest and fastest way to reach your target audience is through Facebook.

You can have;

1) Personal facebook account

2) Facebook page for business and brands  

3) Facebook group which consists of a community of people with like interests.

Now if your interest is to build a business or brand, it’s advisable to use a Facebook page because it’s adequately equipped with business tools for that purpose.

Once you finally open a Facebook page, it’s important that you start taking deliberate steps to build your page in order to succeed and create a good impression of your business through the eyes of your page.

Grow Your Facebook Page Organically.

I have compiled 9 ways to effectively grow your Facebook page in order to grow your online presence, your influence, your connections, and eventually increase sales.

#1 Way To Grow Your Facebook Page Organically – Have A Target Audience.

When starting a Facebook page, figure out your target audience and stick to it, for example, if you are a cook with cooking recipes, and your target audience is older women that are mothers, married or not, all your quotes, images, videos should be tailored to that particular target audience.

The reason why this is important is that Facebook isn’t human but they can study your posts to better understand them to know who to show your posts to on Facebook. Depending on the number of engagements your posts get, Facebook could then make them go viral.

#2 Way To Grow Your Facebook Page Organically – Branding Is Very Important

Branding your Facebook page is very instrumental in building your Facebook page.

Your Facebook page profile is so important, it’s like your 247 brand salesperson that never has a day off or goes on break, so if someone visits your page and you don’t have a well-organized and detailed profile, that person might leave without following you. 

The profile title, description, colors used should be related to your target audience and the information written about you and your brand must clearly state who you or your brand is.

#3 Way To Grow Your Facebook Page Organically – Make Quality Content

“Content is King!” I believe you have heard that phrase before and it’s true, content is king. It’s one thing to get people to your page, but it’s another to keep them there and actually get them to engage with your content.

People tend to ask “What value will your page add to me?” when they come across your page and your answer to that question is your content, that is why consistently publishing quality posts on your page that will add value to your target audience is very important.

#4 Way To Grow Your Facebook Page Organically – Use Best Method of delivery

It’s great to prepare quality content but successfully delivering it to your target audience in a suitable way is also important. A good delivery method usually ensures that your message is effectively passed on to your audience in order to have the results you intended for it to have.

The different methods of delivery could be through images, videos, live videos, Facebook stories, etc. Figure out what delivery method appeals most to your audience by noting which of your post format has very high engagements, like the number of likes, comments, shares, etc.

#5 Way To Grow Your Facebook Page Organically – Consistency

Consistency is key! consistency is what will make the Facebook algorithm work for you, rewarding you by showing your content to more and more people.

Facebook algorithm is basically when Facebook decides what post to show based on what is most relevant to the user, so it’s different for different people based on their interests. 

So if you can figure out the best time to publish posts on your page and you stick to it, then Facebook will be able to reward you and make your posts go viral which can get more followers for your page.

NOTE: More posts per day = more engagement (likes, comments, shares etc) = more followers.

So, if you want more followers, then posting 2/3 times everyday at the best publishing time could be the answer.

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#6 Way To Grow Your Facebook Page Organically – Send Invitations 

When you post your quality content consistently, you can always go to those people that liked your posts and invite them to like your page, it will amaze you how extremely effective this could be in growing your page likes.

You could also tell your friends and family about your page and ask them to follow it, you would be amazed by how supportive they could be, but don’t feel bad if they don’t follow your page, don’t take it personally, appreciate those that do and keep growing your page in other ways.

#7 Way To Grow Your Facebook Page Organically – Engage With Your Audience

Engagement as we already know includes likes, comments, and shares. So, when people engage with your post, Facebook rewards you by promoting it, and if you reply to comments left by your audience, it increases the total amount of comments on your post and this will trigger Facebook to promote your post even more thereby increasing its reach and followers.

Another advantage is that, when you reply to your comments, you “humanize” your page and make people relate with you more, you then start gaining more influence over your audience as they get to “trust” in your brand and they will eventually start following your page.

#8 Way To Grow Your Facebook Page Organically – Figure Out Your “Why”

This is important because, just like every other business, things will not always go the way you want them to, you will have “ups’ and downs’” and you need to know your “why”, to keep you in the “fight” when the “going get tough”. 

Giving up on building your page should not be an option no matter what happens on your page. Try to use your “why” to motivate you because someone in your audience is gaining a lot from the value you provide on your page and your next post might just be the answer to someone’s question.


Facebook page is a very powerful social media platform and can be utilized to reach your target audience to get your message across to a lot of people quickly, so growing a Facebook page can be very rewarding.

Let’s do a quick recap of the 8 ways to grow your Facebook page

1)Have A Target Audience.

2)Branding Is Very Important

3)Make Quality Content

4)Method of delivery


6)Send Invitations 

7)Engage With Your Audience

8)Figure Out Your “Why”

Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply swiftly and if you are actively growing a Facebook page, you can share with us some of your growth tips.

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