10 Actionable Tips To Optimize The Product Page Of E-commerce Stores.

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Search Engine Optimization of the product page of an e-commerce store is slightly different from the SEO of the traditional website or blog because an e-commerce store has so many important pages like checkout, shopping cart, etc, for each product page on that store, so the flow is different. 

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I have compiled a list of actionable steps to improve the SEO of each of your product page.

#1 Tip To Optimize The Product Page Of E-commerce Stores – Make Sure Your Product Page Is Not More Than 3 Clicks Away From The Homepage

This point differentiates an e-commerce store from traditional websites. Now, because of the existence of so many pages on an e-commerce store, most times, the product store is about 4 or 5 or 6 clicks away from the homepage. 

This is bad for SEO because Google starts crawling your website from your homepage to other pages. So if your product page is far away from the homepage, it becomes difficult for Google to crawl and locate it, hence the need to ensure your product page is 1,2 or 3 pages away from the home page, so that Google can crawl and read your store at an earlier time, understand it and start ranking it on Google.

#2 Tip To Optimize The Product Page Of E-commerce Stores Use Keywords In Product Titles

Product title is very important and you should take your time updating it with descriptive keywords that have high value and low competition.

For example, if you are selling Nike sneakers, your title could be “Affordable Pink Nike Sneakers For Women”, this is descriptive in the sense that you know it’s pink-colored sneakers of the Nike brand, for women and they are affordable.

#3 Tip To Optimize The Product Page Of E-commerce Stores Use Proper Images

When uploading product images to your e-commerce store, you must consider 2 things, the accuracy and quality of the image as well as the pixel size of the image.

As for accuracy and quality, it’s important for the sake of building trust and integrity between you and your customers that you use images that accurately describe the product since your customers can not inspect it face to face before buying, you have to take and use actual quality images of the products.

It is also important that the image pixel should be very small without affecting its quality because heavy pixel images slow down website speed and studies have shown that about 40% of people abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. I am sure that you don’t want that, hence the importance of free tools like tinyPNG to help reduce the pixel size in order not to decrease the speed of your website.

#4 Tip To Optimize The Product Page Of E-commerce Stores Use Multiple Images For Each Product

Since your store is online, your customers can not see the products to inspect, hence the importance of ensuring you use multiple pictures of different dimensions performing different actions (if applicable). 

If a customer doesn’t really understand your product with an accurate mental picture of how the product will look in all ramifications including colors, size, shape, etc, they will most likely not buy. If they buy, there is a higher possibility of them requesting a refund or leaving bad reviews on the product because what they got is different from the mental picture they had of the product.

#5 Tip To Optimize The Product Page Of E-commerce Stores Use Videos When Possible

It is all about customer satisfaction and ensuring your potential customer gets all his/her questions answered when they visit your product page. 

Statistics show that you can get an increase of 20%-30% conversion rate when you use videos to advertise a product compared to images. If you make the video informative, entertaining, and engaging, it will work on the emotions of the people that view it and make them excited to purchase it mainly because of the communicated quality and function of the product.

#6 Tip To Optimize The Product Page Of E-commerce Stores Include Long Detailed Description (not less than 1000 words)

Using a long detailed description, not less than 1000 words has 2 benefits. 

The first is that, when a customer is coming to buy your product online, they always want to be sure that they will get exactly what they are paying for and this can be done by writing a very detailed description of the product. When you are writing the product description, read it over and ask yourself if it answers all the questions that your target buyer might have, if it doesn’t, then it’s not a good description and needs to be modified. The idea here is to write the description like a sales pitch in order to convince your audience to buy.

The second part is, product descriptions that are longer than 1,000 words help to rank higher on Google, hence the need to make it long, but make sure you are writing things relevant to the product.

#7 Tip To Optimize The Product Page Of E-commerce Stores Use The Best Price Display Format

After building your online store, one of the other important factors that can help you make sales is the format in which your selling price is displayed.

There are many different theories on how to display the price but the point is, don’t display misleading information. 

Personally, I found that what works best for me is striking out the actual product price and displaying the discounted price. This format has been proven to work very well because when your store visitor sees what he would have paid if you had not been so gracious to provide a discount, they will be more likely to take that discounted offer and feel lucky about it, hence turning them to loyal customers.

#8 Tip To Optimize The Product Page Of E-commerce Stores User Reviews And Ratings

User reviews and ratings are important for the sake of social proof. This is a very powerful aspect of a successful e-commerce store because statistics show that a whopping 63% of people will buy from a store with user reviews especially if the reviews have images or videos. 

These user reviews/ratings with images or videos act like your 247 online salesperson and they convert so well. You can try it and share your experience in the comment section, you will be blown away at the results you will get.

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#9 Tip To Optimize The Product Page Of E-commerce Stores Include Accurate Shipping Details

This is one piece of information a potential buyer will certainly look for while deciding to buy your product. You need to include the accurate

A)Shipping fee

B)Shipping date

C)Estimated delivery date

Make sure that you are honest, don’t write that shipping and delivery takes 1-3 days only for them to pay for the product and have to wait for a month for delivery. That leaves a bitter taste in their mouth as they will feel lied to, hence making them lose trust in you and your brand and they won’t return to buy from you again.

#10 Tip To Optimize The Product Page Of E-commerce Stores – Make Your E-commerce Store Mobile-Friendly

With over 54% of online store traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s very important that your e-commerce store is optimized for buyers with smartphones.

So, when designing your online store, check the mobile version and ensure all the pages are displayed well, from the call to action to the checkout page. Every part of that page should be designed in such a way that there is no obstacle between you and your visitor’s money. Statistics show that people tend to buy more from sites that have simplified the buying process of their products.

The simpler it is to buy from your site on both mobile and desktop devices, the higher the chances are that your profit will increase.


Having a beautifully designed e-commerce store is not enough to guarantee sales, the product page for your store has to be optimized in order to drive traffic and convert visitors to paying customers. Let’s recap the top 10 ways to ensure that your product page is suitable to make a sale

1)Make sure your product page is not more that 3 clicks away from the homepage

2)Use keywords in product title

3)Use proper images

4)Use multiple images for each products:

5)Use videos when possible

6)Include long detailed description (not less than 1000 words)

7)Use The Best Price Display format

8)User reviews and ratings

9)Include accurate shipping details

10)Make your ecommerce store mobile friendly

Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply swiftly, also share with us your experience optimizing your product page for a successful online e-commerce store.

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