11 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Group.

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Finding out ways to grow your Facebook group is very important because Facebook groups are very powerful tools to reach billions of people quickly, not only because Facebook has about 2 billion monthly visits but also because, apart from your personal Facebook accounts, Facebook often advertises contents posted on Facebook groups more than contents posted on Facebook pages.

Facebook groups comprise of people with similar interests that come together to share ideas, content, and contributions.

Growing your Facebook group can be tasking because it requires a lot of time and effort but it could also become very rewarding as well. So I have compiled 12 ways to ensure the progressive growth of your Facebook group.

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#1 Way To Grow Your Facebook Group – Choose A Name That Includes Your Keyword

Your Facebook group name is important because when your target audience comes on Facebook to search for your group, they often input certain keywords that describe their interest and Facebook will only showcase groups with those keywords in their title and description.

For example, if your page is about fitness only for men, your title and description must have one or more of those keywords. “Fitness” and “men”, so your group name could be “Men’s Fitness” OR “New York Fitness For Men” and make sure you include them in your description as well.

#2 Way To Grow Your Facebook Group – Include Keywords In Your Cover Photo

When people click on your Facebook group, the next page that comes up reveals your cover photo, so it’s important that you keep it attractive. The graphic design should grab and keep their attention.

You can do this by writing your keywords in your cover image so that they are sure they’re in the right place and will get value by being a part of your group.

#3 Way To Grow Your Facebook Group – Make Your Best Content As An Announcement

By best content, I mean the content on your group with the highest amount of engagement like comment, share, etc. Make the content with the highest engagement an announcement because when new people join your group, the first post, they will see is your announcement and that first impression lasts longer.

You don’t want them to come to your group for the first time and be disappointed, you want them to have the impression that your group is active and engaging with value.

#4 Way To Grow Your Facebook Group – Pin A Welcome Post + Free Value As First Post

When people locate your group and visit it, you will give them a lasting awesome impression if they find real value added to them immediately.

What I mean is, you can make a video welcoming new members and explaining what your group is all about and how you hope to impact their lives. Then offer free valuable resources which could be free downloads, free coupons, etc. The freebies should be something relating to the purpose of your group.

Make that video, upload it with a written explanation of what you already said in the video with links to the freebie and sure the write-up is as brief as possible.

When you do that, you establish yourself as the admin of the group and “humanize” the group which can help you build trust with them. The added freebies will also make them want to follow your group because they will perceive your group as being generous with information and won’t want to lose any other freebie and valuable information coming their way.

#5 Way To Grow Your Facebook Group – Allow Members To Start Threads

Threads are conversations between members of the group, so, allow your members to make posts that other members can comment on and interact with.

That is why we have Facebook groups, it’s a community where people with like minds come together to share ideas. Now you can put in place rules governing the nature and frequency of posts depending on the dynamics of your group, but allowing them to post as well will increase the activity of your group which invariably increases the visibility of your group. 

#6 Way To Grow Your Facebook Group – Publish highly engaging contents

Publishing highly engaging posts can greatly increase your post-activity which will make Facebook algorithms favor you.

You can achieve this by being specific in your request, for example, if you run a Facebook group for business people, you can write,

Example: “What business do you do?… Write your business name and the product or service you offer, your next client could be in this group (no links please)”.

In this example, I asked them a direct question so it’s clear what reply that they can give, also, try to make the question something that will benefit them. Me asking them to share their business is like giving them the opportunity to advertise themselves.

I mostly ask for no links to prevent the post from being spammed but you can allow links if you want.

You can also check out Top 3 Tools For Content Creation On Social Media to make content creation easier for your Facebook group.

7)Always Reply To Your Comments

Replying to your comments is very important especially within the first 2-3 hours after publishing a post.

This is important because the Facebook algorithm favors posts with a lot of engagement like comments and likes, so when you make a post and you reply to comments made under it, Facebook perceives it as more comments. It’s also important because the person that made that comment will feel heard and “seen”, which will encourage him or her to be a frequent commenter on your post.

If possible, when replying to those comments, let your replies be in the form of a question, for example, ask the commenter to further explain what they meant, this will make the person feel like you are genuinely interested in them and this will also make the thread longer, thereby triggering the algorithm to show your post to more people and gain more and more followers.

#8 Way To Grow Your Facebook Group – Give Amazing Contents For FREE (it’s more than this, read below)

Yes, everybody loves free stuff, that’s why people gravitate to givers. So, arranging freebies of any kind that is valuable to your community is very vital for the growth of your group.

The trick here is when you make a post announcing giveaways, ask people to comment below if they want it, when they do, reply to their comments with the request for permission to send the resources to them in their inbox. This will make them reply to you again with permission.

All these will achieve a couple of things, you giving the freebies and asking for permission will help to increase your social proof, they will feel that you really care about them and their success. Now, asking for them to comment, replying to their comment, and making them reply to you again by asking a question in your reply will also increase the total number of comments on your posts. This is what the Facebook algorithm loves, it will favor your posts and show them to more and more people, increasing your page reach and number of followers.

#9 Way To Grow Your Facebook Group – Tell The Story Behind Your Brand

Inspiring stories behind your brand can literally change someone’s life, stories that showed how you started maybe from a low unsuccessful place to a successful place, be real, be raw!. People tend to attach the emotions they felt when they heard your story to your brand which makes it much more appealing to them.

Stories like this tend to get a ton of likes and comments which as we all know, improves your post reach and brings more followers.

#10 Way To Grow Your Facebook Group – Do Weekly Facebook Live

Doing weekly facebook life is very important for growing your Facebook page because you can get a lot of engagement during and after the live video, which leads to more reach and followers.

If you are wondering what to talk about, here are some options, you can:

A)Teach new topics relating to your group.

B)Interview experts to get their professional advice on their field of expertise.

C)Tell the story behind your brand.

D)Invite a member that has benefitted from your group to tell his or her story to inspire other.


There are several other options, you can be creative and come up with other options that you know your audience will love.

How to ensure you get a lot of engagement on your live videos.

A)If you are probably teaching a skill or topic or you have an expert teaching a topic, let them know you have a free pdf that contains a summary of the topic and ask them to comment on your live video if they want it.

B)As you are teaching, anytime you make a point, ask them if they understand. You can ask them this question many times during the video as you make several points, hence increasing the number of comments. 

C)Also ask them for questions during or at the and of the live video.

All the above points will increase the number of comments in the comment section making facebook favor your post and increase its reach to bring you more followers.

#11 Way To Grow Your Facebook Group – Constantly Run Surveys To Understand The Contents Your Facebook Group Wants

This is very important in order to save time, money, and effort while satisfying your group with content that they actually want.

You can do this by simply asking them what they want.

For example, if you own a Facebook group for fitness coaches and you are thinking of putting together a new training on how to get clients, you can make a post like this.

Putting together a new training on how to land your first fitness client in 5 minutes!, want it?”.

Your decision on whether to go ahead and do the training will be based solely on the number of responses (comments) you get.

If you want an example of how a Facebook group should look like, you can check out this Facebook group for Reality TV Shows.


Starting and growing a Facebook group can be very rewarding, hence the need to know how you can do this and put you above your competitors. Let’s do a quick recap of the 11 ways to grow your Facebook groups

1)Your Facebook Group Name Should Include Your Keyword.

2)Include Keywords In Your Cover Photo Image.

3)Make Your Best Content As An Announcement.

4)Pin A Welcome Post + Free Value As First Post.

5)Allow Members To Start Threads.

6)Publish highly engaging posts.

7)Always Reply To Your Comments.

8)Give Amazing Contents For FREE (it’s more than this, read below).

9)Tell The Story Behind Your Brand.

10)Do Weekly Facebook Live.

11)Constantly Run Surveys To Understand The Contents Your Facebook Group Wants. 

Comment below if you have any more questions and I will reply swiftly, also, share with us tips if you have any experience growing a successful Facebook group, did you use any of these tips?.

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