How To Become TikTok Famous: Going From 0 – 100k Followers Fast!

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TikTok is the 4th most used social media platform with over 689 million monthly users, hence the need to grow a loyal community of followers on TikTok in order to build your brand and increase your influence.


Becoming TikTok famous can be very beneficial in building your brand and business, so I have compiled 5 ways of achieving this.

#1 Way To Become TikTok FamousKeep your video short

This is very important if you want your videos on TikTok to go viral. Based on the way the platform works, it favors videos with high audience retention more than the number of clicks. 

So, for example, TikTok’s maximum video length is 60 seconds, if you have a video that is 50 seconds long with 12.5 seconds average watch time and another video that is 16 seconds long with 10 seconds average watch time. 

TikTok will promote the 16 seconds video more than 50 seconds video because even though people watched 12.5 seconds of the 50 seconds video which is longer than the 10 seconds watched of the 16 seconds video, the 16 seconds video has higher audience retention (62.5%) than the 50 seconds video (25% audience retention).

I used 16 seconds video in this example because social media experts recommend 16 seconds or less as the optimal length for your TikTok video in order for it to go viral.

#2 Way To Become TikTok FamousChoosing the right songs

Going viral on TikTok can also be determined by the song you use in your video, there is a list of popular songs or sounds that TikTok users are always searching for, if you use those songs into your videos, the potential of going viral is high.

You can easily find out which sounds or songs are trending on TikTok by visiting TikTok on desktop and searching the “Discover “ section of the “Watch Now” section, you will see trending songs listed on the right side of the screen.

Now if your video already has audio, you will have to be more creative with this, you can adjust the volume of the song at various intervals so that the song doesn’t seem like an afterthought and it also doesn’t drown the original audio.

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#3 Way To Become TikTok FamousCreate Relevant Contents

Content, they say, is king!, TikTok is mostly seen as a place for fun and entertainment, if that is your niche, then you should definitely take advantage of this great opportunity by creating quality unique fun, and entertaining contents that will make you stand out and build your brand.

Knowledge-based brands are also successful on TikTok, so whether you create videos on how to make a website, how to paint, how to feed a dog, etc, you can showcase this information within 60 seconds and create an online presence for your brand, hence establishing you as an authority in that field and this can make you gain a lot of followers and loyal customers.

Research has shown that about 55% of buyers research their products from social media before buying them and TikTok is one of those places where people go to make their research.

#4 Way To Become TikTok FamousUse A Very Strong Call-To-Action

A very strong call to action will not only make your TikTok videos go viral, it will also get your viewers perform a desired action like following a TikTok account or clicking a link.

A strong call to action can make your video go viral because the TikTok algorithm shows your posts to more people if more people interact with your video, so with that in mind, your call to action might be for them to comment on your video to get something like a free resource download. When they comment, that’s engagement, when you reply to their comment, that’s another engagement. All this contributes to your video going viral. You can also ask them to follow your account, thereby increasing your TikTok followers.

#5 Way To Become TikTok FamousReply Your Comments and Interact With Other Creators’ Contents

These two points have proven to help your videos go viral on TikTok. When someone comments on your video, that’s more engagement for TikTok to reward, then when you reply to it, it’s another engagement for TikTok to reward as well, so my advice is to reply to every TikTok comments you get. You can even make your reply instigate another reply from them in order to multiply your total number of comments, triggering the TikTok algorithm to favor you.

The other point is to also follow and interact with other creators with similar target audiences, this is a way to “steal” your competitor’s audience. When you follow these popular creators and comment, like, and share their posts. This will expose your posts to their audience.

Another way to interact with other creators’ accounts and “steal” their audience is by using a powerful TikTok tool called the “duet tool”, this tool helps you create a video of you copying, reacting, or just interacting with another creator’s video while their video play side by side with yours. This is very powerful especially when you do this with a trending challenge or trend that the other creator is involved in. 

Just do a reaction to the other popular creator’s video, use the duet tool and play your reaction video with the other creator’s video side by side and publish it, once the audience of the other creator sees your post, they are more likely to watch yours, watch your other videos, follow you and depending and the quality and consistency of your posts, they could also become a fan, thereby making you TikTok famous.


Becoming famous on TikTok could be very tasking but it’s also rewarding. On TikTok, you can build your brand, gain influence, set up your online presence as an authority in a particular field, hence gaining followers and loyal fans and customers. Let’s recap how we can achieve this.

1)Keep your video short

2)Choosing the right songs

3)Create Relevant Contents.

4)Use A Very Strong Call-To-Action

5)Reply Your Comments and Interact With Other Creators’ Contents

Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply to them swiftly, if you are famous on TikTok, you can also share with us some tips.

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