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Blogging and marketing tools are very important because blogging can easily become your main source of income that can enable you to afford a luxurious lifestyle if done well.

Blogging can also become very difficult and daunting to do especially with the presence of high competition for the same target audience. We often need an edge that will help us to be efficient, from writing tools, to scheduling posts, to marketing tools.

Hence the emergence of new free/freemium tools that can make your blogging easier.

This is a list of 12 blogging tools that can help your work stand out while being appealing to your audience and beating the competition.

#1 Blogging ToolGrammarly

Grammarly is a writing tool that assists you in writing clear mistake-free sentences that your readers can understand. It does this intelligently, with the help of an AI assistant.

Grammarly is a blogging and marketing tool

Benefits of using Grammarly

1)Grammarly helps you by ensuring that your readers understand what you are trying to communicate to them by checking the tone of your sentences

2)It helps you by checking to ensure you are using correct grammar, spellings, style and tone.

3)It comes as a Google Chrome extension, and can assist you in writing anywhere, even if you are writing on Gmail, Yahoo, Messenger, Outlook, Slack, Google docs, Jira, Salesforce, Medium, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.


Grammarly has a free and paid version, but I personally use the free version, because, the free version has a lot to offer, however, the paid version is also useful if you want a very easy way of writing grammatically correct sentences.,

With Grammarly, anyone can become a better writer.

#2 Blogging Tool Ginger

Ginger is an alternative to Grammarly, it also helps you to write grammatically correct sentences. Ginger helps you add style and clarity to sentences in order to boost your productivity.

Ginger is a blogging and marketing tool

Ginger also comes as a Google chrome addon which is free

Benefits of using Ginger includes

A)Grammar checks: it helps you check and correct grammatical errors.

B)Rephrasing: It looks for better sounding sentences to replace yours for clarity.

C)AI based Synonyms: It looks for words that can better communicate your thoughts.

D)Instantly translate your text to 40+ languages.

Ginger also has premium plans which include $20.97 per month or $89.88 yearly or $159.84 every 2 years.

#3 Blogging Tool Hemingway app

Hemingway is one of my favorite editing tools while blogging, Why?, because, after I finish writing a grammatically correct blog post with the help of Grammarly or Ginger, I then use Hemingway to make sure that my post is easy to read. Hemingway helps to check the readability of your post.

Hemingway  is a blogging and marketing tool

It does this by

A)Highlighting sentences that are difficult to read or understand either because the sentence is too long making it complex or because your choice of words will require your readers to check the dictionary in order to understand you. As a writer, that’s the last thing we want and Hemingways helps to highlight it so that we can either replace the words or shorten the sentences.

B)It highlights adverbs, so that you can correct it for better readability

C)It highlights passive statements which often makes sentences hard to read and understand so that you can replace them with active sentences.

Hemingway has both the mobile app version and desktop version and one reason why I prefer the desktop version to the mobile app version is that you can not save your work on the mobile app but you can save it on the desktop version.

Hemingwayapp is free but you also have the paid version of $19.99

#4 Blogging Tool Slick Write

Slick Write is another editing tool like the Hemingway app but one reason why I prefer Slick Write is that you can save your work here unlike the Hemingway app.

Slick Write  is a blogging and marketing tool

Slick write makes you confident in your writing because it helps you check grammar and correct them, you can either write directly to the editor or upload your article and start working on it.

Slick write also has a way to fix writer’s block by bringing out word associations whenever you input a word, thereby encouraging you to write more and correctly as well.

It comes in the form of Google chrome extension or Firefox addon.

#5 Blogging Tool Paperrater

Paperrater is a free editing software that helps to check and correct your grammar, spellings and plagiarism.

Paperrater as the name connotes checks and rates your write-ups so that you can scrutinize your work and make the necessary corrections.

PaperRater  is a blogging and marketing tool

Benefits of Paperrater includes

A)It corrects grammar and spellings

B)It checks for Plagiarism so that you can protect yourself from any form of legal suits for plagiarism

C)It automatically scores your work so that you will know if your work needs more improvement

D)It gives feedback and suggestions on how to make your work better

E)It’s very fast, every benefit listed here is done very quickly by this software in order to save your time.

F)It builds the vocabulary of your work by giving suggestions of synonyms you can use while writing.

Paperrater has a free version but you can get the premium version for $7.48 monthly or $47.70 annually.

#6 Blogging Tool Yoast SEO

After writing your blog, the next thing is to market it for your target audience to see it. This is where Yoast SEO comes in

Yoast SEO helps to optimize your blog post so that it can start ranking on Google leading to increased traffic to your blog, making other people read and benefit from it.

Yoast SEO  is a blogging and marketing tool

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that is lightweight and compatible with all WordPress themes. It helps to identify a particular keyword you want to rank for and gives you suggestions on how you can modify your blog post to start ranking for that keyword. It also helps to improve your post readability.

Yoast SEO has both free and premium plans for $89 annually.

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#7 Blogging Tool PrepostSEO

Prepostseo as the name connotes, is a free software that helps you to prepare your post to make it Google-worthy as well as perform SEO on it in order for it to rank.

PrepostSEO is a blogging and marketing tool

One big function it has is that it helps to check and correct plagiarism before you publish your post. This is very important because if your post is 100% plagiarized or mixed with both plagiarized and unique content, Google will detect it and will not rank your work on Google leading to low traffic.

Other features of Prepostseo;

A)Grammar checker

B)Paraphrasing tool

C)Domain Authority Checker

D)Reverse Image Search

E)Word Counter

F)Image to Text

G)IP Address Checker

H)Google Indexer

I)Backlink Maker

J)Image Cropper

K)1469 Guest Posting Sites

All these above features help you write your posts, check for plagiarism, and correct them as well as helps to rank your post on Google for higher traffic.

#8 Blogging Tool Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools are very important in blogging, the reason being that, no matter how nicely written your blog is and how well your post is optimized for Google’s search engine. If you don’t have a way to get it across to your readers as quickly as possible, nobody will benefit from that post.

Email marketing

Yes, SEO is good and will bring in readers but it’s also a very slow process, it can take a very long time for Google to crawl on your website.

Email marketing tools help you solve this problem, it helps to alert your readers immediately when you publish a new post. It also helps to alert them on new products and services available.

Some examples of Email marketing tool that works well with WordPress includes but is not limited to 




D)SumoList Builder


These plugins have different features but they all make email marketing easier and saves time with the option to design and schedule emails.


Let’s do a quick recap of these tools that can help you write and market your blog posts.



3)Hemingway app

4)Slick Write


6)Yoast SEO


8)Email Marketing Tools

With these tools, you can start your blog today, so what are you waiting for? Start now!.

If you have any questions, comment below and I will reply swiftly. If you use any of these tools, you can also share your experience with them here.

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