7 Easy Ways To Start Dropshipping In 2021 Without Quitting.

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It’s the Year 2021 and we often desire to improve our lives in one aspect or the other, it could be to start dropshipping in 2021 without quitting, getting in better shape, giving more love to your spouse, getting your finances in order, being there for your kids.

We are always seeking a way to improve our lives and we often do that at the start of the year in the form of “New Year’s Resolution” which is good except that majority of us often quit after a few days or weeks of starting due to various reasons like lack of time, disciple, etc, only a few don’t quit and end the year strong.

If you study those that quit and those that don’t quit, you will realize that those that don’t quit experience the same hurdles that those who quit experience but they built themselves to be winners, it was intentional!

It is the same for dropshipping business, if you want to start and finish this year strong, you need to be intentional about equipping yourself to not only start but to also resist quitting no matter what.

So, if you are drowning in various youtube videos, blog posts and online courses without progress, feeling frustrated because you have spent a lot of money on courses, ads and softwares with no progress, I will show you how to have the right mindset in order to succeed and increase your earnings. 

Let’s begin

1)Have The Right Mindset:

New mindset to start drop shipping in 2021
New Mindset New Results

This is the most important point to being successful when you start dropshipping in 2021 or when you start anything in life. Can you remember when you first tried to ride a bicycle? you fell off as soon as you started riding, but our reaction has never been to quit learning how to ride, why? because we expected to “fall”.

It’s seen as normal to “fall” when riding a bicycle for the first time, we don’t get frustrated and quit, we rather dust ourselves and try again because we know that eventually, we will learn how to “distribute our weight evenly” on that bicycle and ride it without falling.

So why do you think that us trying out dropshipping for the first time will be any different?, is it because you watched Youtube videos with titles like “HOW I MADE $100,000 ON SHOPIFY IN 1 MONTH”?

Remember that older cousin that thought you how to ride your bicycle?. He can just pick up any bicycle and start riding it so perfectly in front of you and even do some stunt with it without breaking a sweat, but he will not tell you how he fell off that same bicycle when he tried it the first time, he won’t tell you how many times he fell and the bruises he got.

That is the same thing with dropshipping, every Pro-dropshippers was like you, yes you!, that big Youtuber in the make money online niche that is always making thousands/millions of dollars per month on Shopify has failed before and made $0 per month before. 

So what does that tell you?, You have to “fail” to succeed because it’s the collection of lessons learned from your failures that will eventually make you a success, so expect to fail, that’s the mindset I want you to have because when you expect it, you won’t quit dropshipping when you fail. You will just note the lessons learned and implement them in your next tryout and do it over and over again till you get it. Failure is the pathway to success.

2)Always Set Daily, Weekly, Yearly Goals:

Set goals to start drop shipping in 2021
Set Goals

When you start dropshipping in 2021, it’s important to set daily goals because how can we evaluate ourselves if we don’t have an idea of the things we want to achieve per time.

You can set goals, like learning how to create an online store, how to do graphic designs, how to grow your Instagram for more sales, etc.

When you set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals for dropshipping in 2021, you will be able to measure your progress and decide what to stop doing or what to improve on and note what works. It also gives you a sense of satisfaction, because even if the achievement doesn’t give you money, you will still be happy because you have done something that is moving you closer to your dreams.

3)Hard Work Always Pays Off

work hard to start drop shipping in 2021 without quitting

When you start dropshipping in 2021, hard work can’t be substituted, nothing can replace this so if you aren’t ready to do this, it’s better you don’t even start because you might not make it through 2021, and this cuts across all aspects of life.

You might have to wake earlier, sleep late and be disciplined in this work.

4)Gather Dropshipping Knowledge

4)Gather Dropshipping Knowledge to start drop shipping in 2021
Gather Dropshipping Knowledge

To start dropshipping in 2021, you need to study how to do it and this is my advice on it.

A)Learn For Free First Before You Pay When You Start Dropshipping In 2021

I can’t tell you how important this is, I see so many people commenting under all these big-time Youtubers in the money-making niche saying, “oh I have spent so much money on this course and that course but still made no money” and that gives the impression that the course is a scam, but it isn’t.

Remember that these Pro-dropshippers are businessmen and women, they have a skill/ knowledge that works and they decided to monetize it which isn’t bad, but the truth is, if you don’t already have basic knowledge about dropshipping, you will most likely not benefit to the extent of making actual money by the time the course is over.

Nobody got great at any skill within a few weeks or months, if you see someone good in boxing, public speaking, dancing, they must have been doing it consistently for quite a long time, even for years.

Those Pro dropshippers selling you those courses are not Magicians, so even after imparting their knowledge, you will still need to begin dropshipping, fail, learn, start again, fail again, learn and the loop goes on and on till you make it.

B)Avoid Analysis paralysis When You Start Dropshipping In 2021

We have all been there before. You decide to start dropshipping so you begin researching, researching and researching and you get so overwhelmed with knowledge that you end up confused and do nothing because you don’t even know where to start.

Avoid this by just picking a path and sticking to it, don’t just hop from one strategy to another every day. Sit with one strategy and implement it till you have enough knowledge born out of experience to determine if you should continue with that strategy or implement another.

C)Put Into Action These Knowledge When You Start Dropshipping In 2021

This is so important, there is no point putting in all these time and resources in dropshipping knowledge if you won’t implement them

Once you get a full guide from sources like Oberlo of Shopify, do what is written in it, one after the other, don’t just stay and research so much till you end up doing nothing. Research, put it into practice, and learn from whatever was the outcome from the practice.

There will never be a “right” time to start, don’t be afraid of making mistakes or failing.

5) Decide What To Sell

This is an important step when you start dropshipping in 2021, when deciding what products to sell, you need to:

A)Look for winning products on Youtube and other websites like 

B)Find out if those products are really trending by checking Google trends for the countries you want to sell them in, you can also check how much of that product is being bought from Aliexpress, just to know if people are really interested in it.

C)Test it!. After getting products from websites and checking them on google trends, set up an ad to test that product because no one can be 100% sure that, that product will sell until it actually sells. Even those Pro dropshippers test several products before landing on a winning product.

Now, as I said, it’s all about having the right mindset, if you already know that only a few of the products you test will actually be a winning product, you won’t feel frustrated when a product doesn’t sell, it’s only normal but be rest assured that you are on the right path to success.

6)Marketing Will Break Or Make Your Drop shipping Business

Digital Marketing with person using a laptop on a white table
Marketing with someone using a laptop

You already know this, marketing is an important part when you start dropshipping in 2021, but you see that oftentimes, most people lament on how much they have spent on ads that did not work and they start thinking dropshipping is a scam. It’s not a scam, you are just viewing marketing wrongly.

Let me explain, Yes!, marketing is all about learning the marketing strategies and implementing them, but more than that, it’s about developing yourself to be a good marketer because no matter how much marketing you do on any business if it’s not tailored to that particular business, it won’t work.

You need to become transformed into a marketer, so learn different marketing strategies, develop your skills and know what works for your own store. This will include a lot of trial and error but don’t see the money you put in it as a loss, view it as an investment.

We have Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch ads amongst others, you can study them and hone your marketing skills.

7) Don’t You Ever Give Up

Nevery give up inorder to start drop shipping in 2021 without quitting
Never give up

No matter what happens, when you start dropshipping in 2021, don’t allow yourself to give up because if you don’t, you will eventually succeed

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So now that you have resolved to have the right mindset, made up some goals, resolved to work harder, gotten the right dropshipping resources, found & tested the right trending products, attempted good marketing strategies and resolved to never ever give up no matter what.

Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply to them. You can also share your own experience of dropshipping.

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