8 Actionable Strategies For Effective B2B Instagram Marketing.

Sharing Is Caring

So, even though it’s good to post as much as possible, I will advise you to place quality over quantity, if the time spent editing your posts will not afford you enough time to make a lot of posts, then just post only those videos or images that have been successfully edited. This will increase your marketability.

2)Post Unique Contents

The secret of going viral on Instagram is not just a result of creating high-quality content, but also about making high-quality content that is unique.

For example, if you are advertising a car, instead of just showing a picture of the car or a video of the car with someone just explaining the features, you can do a video where a car fanatic comes into your car dealership and picks up the car, drives it and use or showcase the car features (rather than just talk about the features).

In this case you are not only creating an experience for your potential customer, you are also being unique.

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