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Although hashtags started with Twitter, it seems to have flourished more on Instagram hence the need for Instagram hashtag generators. Instagram allows a limit of 30 hashtags per post and it’s advised not to use the same set of hashtags for every post made, the hashtags used per post should be crafted specifically for that post. Hashtags are free marketing tools.

Importance Of Hashtags

Hashtags are important because it helps you set your contents in the front of your target audience, whether they are following you or not.

Hashtags also help you locate what you really want to see so that when you come on Instagram, you won’t only be seeing content from your friends and families, you can also locate content relating to your interests.

Sometimes, it can get so tasking trying to figure out free new relevant hashtags for each of your posts, but fortunately, there are tools that can help you solve this problem. 

Below is a list of relevant hashtag generators that helps you market every post on your Instagram:


Ingramer is a free AI-based hashtag generator that helps you generate relevant hashtags by analyzing your keyword, photo, or link.

Ingramer is an Instagram hashtag generator

Ingramer helps you achieve the following:

A)Increase organic engagement with real followers

B)Analyses up to 5 keywords to produces 5 times more hashtag suggestions

C)Analyses keywords in any language

D)Gives you real time hashtags as it’s consistently being updated

E)Provides metrics and statistics for each hashtag, analyzing the difficulty of the hashtags, analyzing contents associated with those hashtags so you can identify your competitors, etc

F)Gives you hashtags simply by analyzing your keywords, images and link

2)All Hashtag

All hashtag as the name connotes is all about hashtags. This is a free tool that helps you create and analyze top, random or live hashtags relevant to your keywords on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc

 All hashtag is an Instagram hashtag generator

Components of All Hashtags:

A)Hashtag Generator; This generates hashtags for any keyword you input, it could be top, random, live (new), and similar hashtags.

B)Hashtag Creator; This creates new hashtags from your keywords

C)Hashtag Analytics; This analyses the metrics and statistics of each of the hashtags generated. It shows the popularity, competition, reach, etc. of each of the hashtags.

D)Top Hashtag: This shows top performing hashtags per day, 7 days, 1 month or all time.

Benefits of using All Hashtags:

A)You will get more followers.

B)You will have more likes.

C)It’s free to use.

D)Gives more success.

E)Their support team is very helpful.


RiteTag is a free Instagram hashtag tool, it helps you get trending hashtags for your keywords in real-time to increase the reach of your post. It’s available as a Google Chrome extension, iPhone app, and android app.

Ritetag is an Instagram hashtag generator

Features of RiteTag:

A)Hashtags for text

B)Hashtags for images

C)Tag sets

D)It’s integrated with Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout social, Later, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc to make placing these hashtags in all your social media handles easy.


Instavast is also a free hashtag generator. Instavast generates hashtags by analyzing images, links and keywords.

 Instavast is an Instagram hashtag generator

They also offer other Instagram services that can grow your Instagram page like:

A)Promoting your Instagram page

This boosts your Instagram organic growth. They target your ideal audience to reach them by auto liking, commenting, and following pages. It also provides analytics to monitor the performance of your posts and hashtags in order to know what works and what doesn’t work.

B)Auto DM

This function is so important and useful when building an audience, when you DM your followers, they feel seen and heard and this can build your relationship and trust with them, thereby leading to increased followers and influence


This function is also very important because Instagram favors consistency, so having a scheduler to schedule your posts days/weeks earlier can be a time saver and ensures consistency.

D)Comment Tracker

This function gathers all comments from different posts into one dashboard, so that you can reply to them as easily as possible. This function is very important because interacting with your audience is very important in building your brand, increasing your influence and your followers.

5)Display Purposes

Display Purposes, a free hashtag tool generator is very effective in finding hashtags related to your keywords. It gives you about 10 top hashtags for your keyword with some related statistics like the number of posts using those hashtags as well as the top countries and cities in which it’s been used.

Display Purposes is an Instagram hashtag generator

There is also an option of using: 

A)Auto tag selection; when you use this option, it basically populates your screen with the hashtags

B)Manual tag selection; this gives you the option of picking the hashtags you want to use by clicking the checkbox beside the tags.

If you have a B2B business on Instagram, check out, 8 Actionable Strategies For Effective B2B Instagram Marketing.


Hashtags are free marketing tools, they show your content to the right target audiences leading to increased reach, followers, influence, and inevitably, increased sales. So, there are some free Instagram hashtag generators that can help you achieve all of these. Let’s quickly recap them


2)All Hashtags



5)Display Purposes

Comment below if you have tried any of them and share your experience, you can also drop any question you might have and I will reply to them swiftly.

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