5 Top Tools For Social Media Management.

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As a social media manager, having tools to help me manage the social media accounts of my clients is very important in order to increase productivity and prevent burnout.

One challenge you might face as a social media manager knowing how to manage yourself, your clients, and your team. For example, if you have many clients that want you to manage their Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, etc at the same time while still being a husband/wife, student, etc, it could become daunting and could lead to reduced productivity.

The tools I will be sharing with you will help solve all of these problems in an efficient way. Let’s get right to it.


Hootsuite in my opinion is one of the best social media scheduling software we have. It’s also your best choice if you are on a budget or you are just starting out as a social media manager/marketer and can not charge your clients so high. 

Hootsuite works on almost all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc, and they also have good customer service. 

Hootsuite is one of the Top 5 Tools For Social Media Management.

This is what Hootsuite can help you achieve:

A)They give you insight across all your social media platforms on what is trending in your brand so that you can make an informed decision on your strategies for continuous growth.

B)From this one platform, you can publish and schedule your posts across all social media platforms with a few clicks, track their performance, and scale-up high-performing content. You can also set up an ad and manage all old and new content in one library.

C)As a social media manager/marketer, you will need a high-performing team, so this platform aligns all your social media platforms with your team. Hootsuite also has training courses that can help build you and your team’s productivity.

Hootsuite works with various industries like marketing, health care, financial, Government, travel & hospitality, technology, arts & culture as well as non-profit organizations, so if you are involved in any of these industries, then you might have found the best tool for scheduling your social media posts  


Canva is a very good graphic design tool that can convert someone that’s not good in graphic designing to an expert. It has both premium and free package. 

As you already know, social media is a visual place, so using eye-catching images and videos can increase the rate at which viewers become followers and customers.

Canva is one of the Top 5 Tools For Social Media Management.

Canva contains different types of templates that you can begin with for any type of social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc, you can start with those templates and build your way up to beautifully designed images and videos. 

This will immensely increase your productivity as a social media marketer or manager.

3)Creator Studio for Facebook and Instagram

This is another great tool for high productivity especially because Facebook and Instagram sometimes limit your post reach if they are shared from scheduling software like Hootsuite, buffer, or sprout social, but posts shared from the creator studio don’t face that type of problem.

Creator Studio For Facebook and Instagram is one of the Top 5 Tools For Social Media Management.

In the creator studio, you can do almost everything done in Hootsuite, you can schedule and publish your post to both Instagram and Facebook.


Slack is a tool that helps manage both your team and clients. It is my go-to software for better communication between you and your clients as well as your team. 

When you and your team have so many clients, let’s say 10 or more, there is a lot of back and forth communication between you, your teams, and your clients and this could get very messy.

Slack is one of the Top 5 Tools For Social Media Management.

This is where slack comes in, this software helps to bring all forms of communication to one central place, thereby keeping it organized.

You can also group different people in different chats, block access to different chats to prevent unwanted communication, like clients communicating between themselves, and also allowing access to certain chat groups to encourage more communication like communication between teammates. 

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Trello is an awesome tool when dealing with clients in social media marketing and management. Although they trust you and your work, clients here often want to scrutinize your work before they get posted because whatever you post on their behalf will affect their brands.

Trello is one of the Top 5 Tools For Social Media Management.

So imagine having 10 or more clients that want to scrutinize every post you make on their various social media handles daily, it could get so daunting, but Trello makes it easy by creating a workflow for your clients and team.

In that workflow, all posts made can be posted there as often as it’s made, so that your client is kept informed. It also tracks tasks made on the team workflow.

All this is just to increase productivity all day long, everyday.


As a social media marketer or manager, your job is to help clients build their brands, increase their reach and increase influence which eventually leads to increased traffic and sales, and in order to do so, you need to work efficiently.

This includes making posts on all your client’s accounts in a timely manner and cultivating great communication between your team and your clients.

Thankfully, we just discussed the tools that can help you achieve that, they are



3)Creator studio for Facebook and Instagram



Comment below if you have any questions and I will reply to them in a timely fashion, you can also comment if you have additional information that you want to share regarding the tools that can help social media managers or marketers.

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