Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online In 2021

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There are so many reasons to consider working online to make money online in 2021, you might have no job or no means of income, you might have a job but just want a little extra income to make ends meet or you might have a good-paying job but just want financial freedom, whatever your reasons are, there are several ways to start making money online.

The good part of making money online is that you can do it from the comfort of your home with your laptop and although it’s not necessarily easier to do than offline jobs, it builds you by forcing you to learn or improve on new skills.

There are a number of online jobs and these are just a few of them

#1 Way To Make Money Online In 2021 is Start A Youtube Channel

Starting a Youtube channel is an interesting and effective way to make money online. It’s interesting because you can choose to produce content around what you love, and it’s effective because content creation is a very effective way to sell anything online, so you can get involved in affiliate marketing and succeed at it.

You can also get accepted to the Youtube payment program once you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours and start getting paid by Youtube.

Man holding a phone showing the youtube icon

YouTube probably generates $16 billion to $25 billion in annual revenue, making the video service big enough to crack the top half of the Fortune 500

-The New York Times

#2 Way To Make Money Online In 2021 is Start Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where the seller only fulfills orders by buying the product from a third party, usually a manufacturer or wholesaler, and sending it directly to the consumer.

To start dropshipping, you need to create an online store using WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, etc, find hot selling products, advertise them and you can make a good amount of money

Shopping cart carrying carton branded with "dropshipping"

The dropshipping market size was estimated at USD 122.3 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 149.4 billion in 2020

-Grand View Research

#3 Way To Make Money Online In 2021 is Start Selling Digital Products

A digital product is any product you sell online that doesn’t have a physical form or substance and they include online courses, ebooks, software, apps.

The beauty of digital products is that it removes the hassle of shipping physical products for your clients, you can sell, and get your products to your clients within minutes. So if physical products seem too much of a hassle, you can make money selling digital products.

Woman watching a laptop showing a woman teaching a course

“The global digital marketing software market size was estimated at USD 43.8 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 49.4 billion in 2020”

-Grand View Research

#4 Way To Make Money Online In 2021 is Start Copywriting

Copywriting is a highly sort after skill because not many people are very good at it but if you have words that make money, you can start copywriting and monetize them.

An example of a platform that can help you monetize your writing skill is Textbroker. They help to connect copywriters to clients

Man working on a laptop

“Textbroker gives you access of thousands of projects to turn your writing skills into cash”

— Textbroker

#5 Way To Make Money Online In 2021 is Become a Remote Employee

A remote employee is someone employed by a company but works outside of a traditional office environment.

Remote Employees are highly sorted after because it’s more capital effective for companies especially startups to hire someone online.

So if you have skills like graphic designing, data entry, social media management, you can join platforms like Upwork, Freelancer to monetize your skills.

Man looking at a laptop with screen divided to 9 sections showing 10 people

#6 Way To Make Money Online In 2021 is Join FBA

FBA “Fulfillment By Amazon”, is a service where Amazon warehouses your inventory at their fulfillment centers and will pick, pack, and send orders to your customers through Amazon prime as they come in.

Amazon has over 10 million active customers, so imagine the potential this has to make you a lot of profit.

Two trucks with "Amazon Prime" printed on it

“During the third quarter of 2020, Amazon generated total net sales of almost 96.15 billion U.S. dollars, surpassing even the 69.98 billion U.S. dollars in the same quarter of 2019. The majority of Amazon revenues were via net product sales”.


#7 Way To Make Money Online In 2021 is Start E-commerce

Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.

You can sell anything online from clothes to shoes, to hair extensions on various platforms like eBay, Esty, Amazon amongst others.

As there are over 8 billion people on the internet, so the potential to make a lot of money here is limitless.

Check this out if your online store is not making any sales

Graphic illustration of starting and running an E-commerce store

“Revenue in the eCommerce market is projected to reach US$2,723,991m in 2021. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2025) of 6.3%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$3,477,296m by 2025”.


#8 Way To Make Money Online In 2021 is Develop Apps

Owning an App has a huge potential of making a lot of money for you, for cost-effectiveness, you can learn how to develop Apps and make a lot of them, monetize them, and start earning money from them

Man holding a phone showing different mobile apps

Global App Revenue Reached $50 Billion in the First Half of 2020, Up 23% Year-Over-Year

-Sensor Tower

#9 Way To Make Money Online In 2021 is Start Blogging

Blogging refers to writing, photography, and other media that are self-published online.

There is a huge revenue potential here by displaying ads from Google Adsense and other Advertisement platforms on your blog.

All you need is a good hosting program like HostGator or Bluehost and a good domain name with your content.

Graphic illustration of a starting and running a blog

#10 Way To Make Money Online In 2021 is Become A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is like a personal assistant in real life, an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office.

You might need to offer services like data entry, cold calling, receptionist amongst others and you can find clients at Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc

Virtual Assistant


I hope you learned something new and that this motivates you to to start making money online.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me in the comment section below and also share your own ideas and experiences in making money online.


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